Thursday, July 1, 2010

Celebrating Your Country

Good morning! Sorry about the empty post last night. I posted and of course Ecto deleted it. It deletes probably ever 5th post I write. However, I've gotten in the habit of copying my post so I can just paste it back in, but last night I forgot. They really need to develop better blogging software for Macs...and yes I have tried deleting and re-installing it. Maybe it's my computer?

Anyway, the end of the week was pretty good. On Wednesday I went out with my friends from work for a little pre-wedding celebration. It's funny to go from seeing people every single day to not seeing them at all, so it was nice to get to see them.

We went to Blue Stove and ordered a bunch of different tapas. I'm not kidding that if you live near the Burlington Mall and haven't tried this place, you are missing out. It's suspiciously empty every time I go and I feel like if they hired me to advertise for them, they'd probably be doing better...


They also got me a cookies and cream ice cream cake from TCBY!


All I can really say is, yum, yum and yum. Had my second piece yesterday :)

This weekend is 4th of July weekend and I'll be up in NH...very far away from any reminders of the wedding (except for a few things I'll be bringing with me that have to get done).

Did you know that a lot of countries have holidays like the 4th of July where they celebrate their own country? Some of them are even close to ours...yesterday was Canada Day and July 14th is Bastille Day. Fun fact: Eric and I were in Paris on Bastille Day 2006...

Digital Camera Pics 1529.jpg

It was a crazy place to be, I'm not going to lie. But then again when will I ever see fireworks over the Eiffel Tower again?

You can read about lots of other country celebrations too...Australia Day, Waitangi Day (New Zealand) and many more :)

What will you do to celebrate the 4th of July (if you celebrate) this weekend?


  1. My Happy Country day was yesterday where I played golf, ran, had a family bbq and some wicked fireworks. Have a great July 4th.

  2. I use Mars Edit for blogging software. You can't scale the pictures in the posts like I think you can in Ecto (maybe?) but I've never had any issues with it.

  3. hi there, just found your blog through nilsa. im from the boston area as well. happy 4th!

  4. Haha, I kind of love that you linked to my blog for Canada Day ;)

    I hope you have a great fourth of july weekend! I was flying home last night so I missed all the July 1 fireworks. So sad :( Haha

  5. I would be super annoyed if my blog posts kept being deleted. What is it with certain softwares that don't work well with Macs?! I mean I LOVE my Mac but sometimes I feel like everyone is against it. Especially when I was writing my thesis and excel and Word HATED ME!

    Tonight Nick and I are having our first house party. I'm pretty darn excited about it. Then up! haha, today is the fourth for us!

  6. Tomorrow I am sitting on a beach and celebrating independence from anything that bothers me. I have been looking forward to a quiet day in the sun for some time!
    I have been in Holland on Queen's Day, and it was madness! I can't imagine Bastille Day in France!

  7. one week girl!! happy 4th and last week of single-hood! :)

  8. Happy 4th of July, and good luck for the wedding!