Thursday, April 23, 2009

Training: Day 1

One of the scariest things about a Sprint Triathlon for me is the logistics. How am I getting my bathing suit off and biking/running clothes on (do you even do that?)? Where are my running shoes? Where is my bike? Where do I put my bike when I am done with it? However, once I started thinking about the training I realized that the logistics of the race day are the least of my current problems. Running I can do. Biking, I can hopefully do. Sure my bike is a thirteen-year-old mountain bike that seems to be having a problem with the brakes at the moment, but that can be resolved, right? One piece of equipment I am REALLY missing is a pool. Considering that my biggest concern about the triathlon is swimming, this is a really large problem. So this morning I woke up and started trying to find pools. The only ones in my area are the Boston Sports Club and YMCA so I called them to find out about summer student memberships (yeah I know, a bit of a stretch but TECHNICALLY speaking I am still a part time student for another month or so). In typical BSC fashion, they are charging an extra $50 for the 3 month membership (I used to work there so I will say- they do have a really nice gym) so I think I will go with the Y. I am hoping that by some stroke of luck, the student membership will involve any Y location so that I can use the one at the Cape as well. Joining is on my list of “To Do’s” for the beginning of next week.
Speaking of the Cape YMCA- it was the lucky location for my first day of training. I was a total gym rookie having been working out at home for the past two years. I forgot about the whole “lock” idea and, spoiled by Boston Sports Club, didn’t realize I needed to bring my own towel. Also, I haven’t been swimming since I got engaged and I forgot about the ring so basically my entire swimming time was spent with my eyes glued like a hawk to my back pack which I positioned RIGHT next to the lane I was swimming in…oops.
My conversation with myself while swimming went something like this.
Lap 1: “Hmm, maybe I should just run a marathon…”
Lap 4: “How many laps did I have to swim for my lifeguard certification? It must not have been 23 because there is no way I am getting there…”
Lap 9: “This sprint triathlon is probably a really bad idea”
Lap 13: “Didn’t I use to be on a swim team? So what if it was barely a legit team and I never won a single race, I USED to be able to swim!”
Lap 14: “Are those people sitting near my backpack? Please don’t steal my ring, I PROMISE I will remember to leave it at home now!”
Lap 16: "Did I seriously just pay $10 to torture myself?"
Lap 23: “I can’t wait to bike…”
So it could’ve gone better. But it could have gone worse. I made it to Lap 23. I had to take a serious break around Lap 10 but that can be fixed. I also concluded that all of my bike training will be done outside because the exercise bike is kind of like a slow form of torture for me. Even with reading my book and listening to music I was still SO bored. Gotta get that bike fixed.

In other news, Eric dragged me onto the golf course this afternoon (kicking and screaming of course). I did like this course though because when we asked if there was a dress code they said, “No high heels” (c’mon! way to ruin my outfit plans!). Plus it was a Par 3, which is my favorite. I actually pared a few holes, yay me! I told Eric my new found golfing strength. Maybe I should do a golf competition instead of a triathlon...


  1. hi kelly! i found your blog through your posting on the knot. you definitely caught my attention with the sprint tri...props to you! i would love to do one, but i absolutely suck at swimming. i laughed about your lifeguard musings...passing that lifeguard swim test was awful for me!

    my blog is about my wedding plans and running adventures--i just finished my 2nd half marathon. feel free to stop by!

  2. keep swimming! it gets easier i promise
    and come visit bc this something this weekend/week