Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I Love Boston Project: Day Trip to Falmouth, MA

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you may remember when I started a series called the "I Love Boston Project." It's been quite awhile since I did a post but I had some fun adventures at the Cape that I think others would like so I'm bringing it back, at least temporarily :) 

Last week we took a trip to Falmouth, which is found right over the Bourne Bridge at the Cape. It is probably about an hour and a half trip from Boston. Our first stop was a short hike called "The Knob." Eric and I had been once before with our friends Katie and Adam, but this time we took Max and my parents to enjoy the beautiful walk and view. The walk itself is about 10-15 minutes each way, so I recommend a little picnic lunch or dinner so you have more time to enjoy the view. Speaking of the view, it looks west towards Buzzards Bay so while I can't say from experience, I would imagine the sunset view would be amazing!

To get to "The Knob" drive through Falmouth Center towards Woods Hole. Then, take a left on Woods Hole Road and a right on Quissett Harbor Road. Follow this road to the end and you will be at the trailhead. There is some parking, but it's limited so you may have to be creative if you are there during peak season. 

There are two trails that lead to the same place and seem to be about equal in length and gorgeous views. I recommend going to the right first, within 5 minutes you'll be rewarded with gorgeous views and you'll see why this area is called "The Knob." 

Photo  100

The views are gorgeous the whole walk, but once you are up on the Knob itself there are some places to sit and enjoy  looking at the Carribean-esque blue waters. 

Photo 1  28

Also, do as I say, not as I do. I have a problem where I like to take photos doing exactly what signs say no to do. I promise there was not rock throwing happening though. 

Photo 2  25

It was a bit too windy for us to enjoy a picnic there this time, but I'm pretty sure we had a late breakfast up on the knob last time during the summer months. This time we headed back towards the beach where we were more protected from the wind. The beach is gorgeous itself and well worth a short detour. 

Photo 3  17

On the way back, we went to the right to the other trail (it would've been to the left if we started that way). This way we got to see nice views of Quissett Harbor, also worth seeing. 

After we left the Knob, we took a short drive down to Woods Hole which is a favorite area of the Cape for Eric and I. We took our engagement photos in this adorable harbor village almost 5 years ago. There are a lot of options for fun things to do in Woods Hole, but this time we decided to visit the Woods Hole Science Aquarium. Woods Hole is basically a hub for marine biology between this and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. The aquarium is awesome because it's small and manageable and also FREE. It's the perfect aquarium for kids and has a hands on area for kids a little older than Max :) 

Photo 4  5 

But don't worry, Max was not too young to enjoy the fun. He loved looking at the fish...

Photo 3  18

He also had to experience the rebellious ways of his parents...

Photo  99

Since these things are located so close together, you could probably do more than just these 2 things in one day. But, when you have a 3 month old who takes an hour to eat in the middle of this- this is enough of a day :) Eric and I did an awesome walking tour at the Oceanographic Institute that I would recommend. I am also obsessed with the Shining Sea Bikeway which is nearby. 

Tell me about your favorite short hike and/or aquarium in your area. When I come to visit you, I want to go to both! 


  1. That's so cool that Max loved looking at the fish! Sounds like a really fun outing. It's cool there are so many awesome things to do so close to you! I think there are lots of awesome things to do around us (especially in the summer) but we definitely don't do enough of them.

  2. Very cool! It's awesome that there is so much to see and do that is an easy day trip from Boston/the Cape! I am envious of this as everything is SUCH a long drive from Minneapolis! Looks like you guys had a fun day and I am sure it's great to see that you can still do things like this with an infant. :)

    There are not many hikes close to Minneapolis but Duluth is 2 hours away which is on the north shore of Lake Michigan. I am embarrassed to say I really have not checked this area out, though! But I plan to when I move back. There is an aquarium at the Mall of America, but I refuse to take visitors there... So instead I would take you to the Mill City Museum because it is walking distance from my condo. It has nothing to do with aquariums but it's a cool museum that explains the area of the city I live in which is known as the Mill City district because there were flour mills in the area back in the day. And for a local walk, we'd either walk the Mississippi as it's a really pretty walk, or we'd take a walk around one of the lakes!

  3. Since I'm not all up in nature I can't tell you much more than that our local nature center is pretty sweet and it's near our house. We do have two other spots nearby that I think other people do use but the nature center is probably the coolest. And we don't have an aquarium anywhere near me, but we do have two pretty sweet children museums!

  4. There are PLENTY of places are here to go hiking, all within reasonable driving distance. The Baltimore Aquarium is pretty good too, but from what I remember the Boston Aquarium kicks the Baltimore Aquarium's a**. Can't wait to go to the Boston one again this summer!

  5. I wonder if the Shining Sea Bikeway is similar to (or part of?) the Cape Cod Rail Trail? We've done the National Seashore route from Wellfleet to Dennis. It's great to have dedicated bike paths!!

  6. Love that you put Max on the whale. you rebels, you!

    We have an aquarium inside of our City Museum; I haven't been but the girls went with their Aunt last summer and apparently one liked it, one didn't (something to do with a baby shark?). I think we are going to try to conquer that fear this summer. We'll see how we do with it!