Monday, April 14, 2014

Tea Date: Weddings and Workouts

The weather is getting beautiful, so shall we grab a quick Iced Passion Tea? Well, that's my favorite anyway :) 

It's officially my last week of maternity leave. I go back to work Friday, and then I have a vacation, ha. So, maybe it's not officially my last week? I'm not sure how blogging will go when I'm back at work… I'm thinking nonexistent for awhile since it's been hard to get on my computer even without work. Does anyone know a good app for blogging on an iPhone? Because that I could do… ha. 

If we were having tea today I'd tell you...

We went to our first wedding of the season on Friday, and first wedding with a baby. Max didn't come to the wedding, but since it was a little over an hour away and Eric was in the wedding, we did bring him and my parents to the hotel. It is unbelievable how much preparation and packing is involved in taking a baby to a wedding specifically. When we take Max to the Cape, we have some stuff already down there. But, taking him to a hotel involves a Pack N Play, some entertainment, clothes, blankets and so much more. Plus, there is just a lot for ourselves. Eric had his tux, and I had a dress, fancy shoes, my pump, my big camera… the list goes on. It was basically absurd the amount of stuff we had. 

The wedding itself was a lot of fun. The guy getting married is a very close friend of Eric's from high school and I love his wife. As an added bonus, he is somewhat responsible for guilting me into hanging out with Eric when we first met, and he is completely responsible (legally) for us being married since he was the one who did it! 

Kelly eric  0456

Having Brian be our officiant was probably one of my favorite things about our wedding, so I was very excited to watch him get married on Friday.

IMG 1003

The reception was at a winery in New Hampshire, which was gorgeous and I will definitely be back to. As an added bonus, they had a nice bridal room, which I know all about because I had to visit there to pump. A much better situation than the nasty closet I will be pumping in at work… love you Max, really. 

Photo  91

I love that all the photos had a pink tint. Ha. Of course Eric had to do a crazy move during his entrance. During the last wedding he was in, he broke the girl's dress with his crazy acrobatics. This time the girl just ended up with a small rug burn… it's dangerous business being partners with Eric. 

IMG 1034

My favorite detail of the ceremony was the place cards/favors. They were small bottles of wine from the winery itself. 

Photo  92

I'm proud of the fact that I took the photo that is on the label :) Just try to ignore the absolutely TERRIBLE picture I got of the wine glass and didn't have time to edit, oops. 

So, successful wedding overall, though I am grateful we did not decide to have a baby in the midst of the million weddings we have had the past few years. It's so much more complicated now, like everything I suppose. 

The other thing I would tell you about if we weren't finished with our passion teas yet is my crazy lingering pregnancy issues. The Friday before last I went to my postnatal yoga class as usual, but I was the only student there. The teacher decided to have class with me anyways, and she did more of a normal yoga class since I was 11 weeks postpartum at the time and she knew I'd been doing yoga with her since 6 weeks. It felt AWESOME, but that night I discovered a small lump above my belly button. I went to my doctor that Monday and was diagnosed with diastasis recti, which is basically an ab separation that (in my case) was caused by pregnancy. Because… yay? I asked about what exercises I could/couldn't do and they said to call my ob, who then ALSO wanted to see me. So, I was back there. Because… yay x50? My ob confirmed the diagnosis, and confirmed what my doctor best bud Ash told me which is that the only real cure is surgery and how the BEEP am I going to take care of a baby I can't lift for 6 weeks… so no. She also said it's pointless to do surgery until you are done having kids (which frankly is looking more and more like now, but anyway) and that surgery may not be covered by insurance anyway. I really don't care at all about how it looks. My stomach has never been a strong area of my body and looking hot on the beach is just really not a concern of mine. However, when you don't have a strong core, it sets you up for all sorts of other injuries especially back problems. As someone with an active job, who lives in active lifestyle this stuff ALL concerns me. 

SO… I am now doing some daily exercises I found online, and saying goodbye to pilates and regular yoga (I can still do prenatal) for awhile. If I see any improvement, I'll obviously do another more specific post about this but for now I don't want to endorse anything I haven't tried. Hopefully this will help! In the meantime, my OB said I'm fine to do cardio workouts that don't seem to bother it more, so I'm carefully continuing to swim, bike and run. 

That is about all from me. Now I'm going to go try to reorganize my work life for a few minutes before Max wakes up. Tell me what is going on with you in the comments! 


  1. I might have snorted when I saw that photo of Eric twirling the bridesmaid around. That's ridiculously awesome, especially considering he's holding onto her bouquet in his mouth!

    A good friend of mine also had diastasis recti, though hers sounded a lot more painful than yours is. I think she was told many of the same thing (re. surgery), so she got some exercises from a friend of hers who is a physical therapist. And, when she had her next c-section (twins, first birth was also a c-section), the doctor was able to repair her insides. Total bummer - I'd say keep on doing what you're doing and if you get to a point where you want to do more and/or the exercises you're doing aren't working for you, consider seeing a PT for a session or two (not cheap, but a lot less expensive than surgery).

  2. Love the photo of you and Eric; so adorable and it radiates happiness. Glad you had a great time at the wedding.

    Super bummer about the diastasis recti. I have never heard of that! I'm glad that so far it's under control and not causing you any issues and I hope it continues to be that way. Who knew all the crazy things the body could do to itself? Big hugs to you!

  3. I'm glad you guys had fun at the wedding even though it was much more of a process than in the past! I would like to see a better photo of your dress - it looks really cute!!

    I cannot believe your mat leave is almost over - where has the time gone?! Wow!! I hope going back to work isn't *too* hard (I say too because of course it will be hard!)

    And that really really sucks about your ab separation. Wow! I'm so sorry to hear that! And not being able to do yoga and pilates? BOO BOO BOO! So I guess doing those things doesn't help strengthen it again because it's already separated? And is there NO way it will heal itself? Definitely sorry to hear that friend :(

  4. That sucks about the diagnosis - I'm so sorry! Maybe it will eventually die down a bit? Ugh!

    But this? "'s dangerous business being partners with Eric." That MADE my day.

  5. Omg. That picture of Eric and the bridesmaid is awesome! Definitely a hazard to be paired with him though ;) I am glad you guys had fun even though it was a lot more work to have a baby with (err back at the room).

    That sucks about your ab separation. Man what are the chances of you having two fairly uncommon issues? I am glad you can continue with cardio and I am also glad you have a doctor friend to bounce things off of as it's good to know it's not worth fixing until you are done having kids.

    If we were having tea together I would probably tell you how much the last 8 days have exhausted me and how sick I am of airplanes but that I am trying to remain hopeful that I will find a way out of Charlotte soon!!