Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Max: 3 Months

Max turned 3 months last Thursday. He is the best baby. I'm not biased at all. 

Winn 140418 5147

He seems to have turned a corner between newborn and baby. He is much more aware of what is happening around him. He really wants to interact with the person holding him. He does a little bit of babbling when he is in a good mood, and it sounds like he is saying "A-GOO." It also seems like when he is smiling now it's really in response to something we are doing. Usually, anyway. 

Winn 140419 5225

He also likes to be entertained. The other day I had him on his boppy lounger pillow while I was eating breakfast. He started to get fussy, but then when I just got down near his face and started talking to him all of a sudden it was back to being all smiles. Just wanted some attention, now did we? 

This is actually very exciting because not only is it fun to have him really interact with us, but he also cares more about his toys and books. At home he has a small play mat that he LOVES to sit on and "talk to" the squirrel hanging above him. I decided he needed something similar at the Cape, so I bought him a play mat tunnel that I hope he will enjoy even when he is crawling in a few months. As expected, he loves the tunnel and will sit on it for 10-15 minutes just trying to grab the toys and babbling. 

Photo  93

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I would say the nap fighting has improved only slightly, and mostly I just was TOO good at teaching him the difference between day and night. Ha ha. His sleeping at night is going so well though, that I really don't even care much about naps anymore. He will improve at naps when he wants to. Until then, I'll just force him to nap long enough that he won't be a super cranky pants in the afternoon. 

He also naps less when out and about, which I think is to be expected as he gets older. He used to sleep through restaurants without fail and now he often wakes up in the middle, which is a bit unfortunate but again, very expected and he is still pretty good, so I can't complain. 

Photo  95

Likes: his playmat, going for walks, bath time, listening to books especially about the little blue truck


Dislikes: still not impressed with tummy time, being too hot 


Feeding: Max continues to eat basically every 3 hours except overnight. He has really improved at taking a bottle, which is a relief given my return to work. He has now taken a bottle for his last feeding of the night three times, which was literally impossible when he was a newborn, he would cry hysterically when we tried to do that. I'm also thankful for this because now I am not the only one who can put him to bed, wahoo! 

Photo 1  30

Sleeping: Max is now regularly sleeping about 8 hours at night, which is just simply the most amazing thing ever. It varies a bit each night, and sometimes he still wakes up for a middle of the night feeding but it's becoming less and less frequent. Most nights he is asleep from about 10PM to 6AM. I know there will probably be a 4 month sleep regression, and he could just decide to stop doing this at any moment, so I'll enjoy it while it lasts. 

Speaking of sleeping, he continues to like sleeping in funny positions. Since he loves to fight naps, Eric likes to call this the submission position, ha ha. After we see him kick his feet and punch his hands for awhile, he eventually ends up like this...

Photo 2  27

Yup, he is even adorable on the video monitor. 

Again, thanks for reading about Max :) 


  1. Aw, I love these Max posts! He is really such a beautiful baby! And that is great that he is sleeping for such long stretches at night! I bet you feel like a new woman when he sleeps like that! I hope he keeps that up, especially with your imminent return to work. That tunnel toy is really cool - I have never seen something like that!

  2. omg I LOVE it when babies sleep in the "submission" position - like they are so exhausted and sleep finally won!

    Love this!


  4. He is sooo adorable! I feel like he needs a good cheek squishing in the second to last picture!

  5. Doesn't it SUCK BALLS that the minute the newborns start to be cute, interactive babies, you have to go back to work? I HATE that about maternity leave in the states. Gah.

    That said, Max is ADORABLE and it's pretty much a priority to meet him (and, errr, you, ha!) this summer!

  6. That's amazing Max is now sleeping for 8 hours a night! I don't even sleep for that long straight through. Gosh I miss the days when I would go to bed at night and not wake up until morning haha.

    I will never get sick of the Max posts because he is so darn cute and just getting cuter and cuter every day!

  7. His dark hair is just gorgeous! As is his smile and those eyes :) Awesome about him sleeping for eight hours a night.

    And of course we'll read about Max! He's too cute not to want to read about.