Thursday, May 1, 2014


First of all, thanks so much for all your notes about my return to work this week. Things are going well so far. But man, I forgot how SLOW weeks go when you are at work. Are we SURE it's not Friday? 

Winn 140419 5265

But the month of April went fast. I enjoyed some beautiful weather (though it's hard to imagine at the moment, this week has been terrible!) and I read a few books: The Husbands Secret, Fear Nothing and A House in the Sky. I gave 4 stars to all 3 books. A House in the Sky is a memoir about being kidnapped and held in Somalia, so that was a tough book, but good. The other two were much lighter reads and hard to put down. ALSO, I met my 2014 Reading Challenge ha ha- so I guess I aimed too low. I think I will add to my goal a bit :) 

Here is how I did with my April goals:  

1. Organize and simplify. I guess. I put away Max's winter and newborn clothes and donated some of my own clothes. I still just feel like I have so far to go on this goal. But I suppose I did do all my individual goals within this, simplification will always be a work in progress for me. 

2. Attend at least 4 yoga or pilates classes. I think I did 2 classes this month until I found out I had diastasis recti and I haven't done anything yoga or pilates since. I'm not totally clear on what I can and can't do so I just haven't even attempted yet. 

3. Run 2 Miles. Yup, I can definitely run 2 miles in a row now :) AND I actually got on a bike… once, but still. 

4. Try a new restaurant. I actually don't think I did this one… but I went to some old favorites. 

5. Be in the photos. I did better with this, but I want to keep up with it. Basically I have Caroline to thank since she took lots of photos of us down the Cape. Have I mentioned how great it is to have a very talented photographer as a sister? 

 Winn 140419 5243

As for May, I don't have any specific goals in mind. I basically want to stay as calm as possible, fit in as many workouts as possible, and try my best not to throw a hissy fit in the pumping closet at work… ha. I would like to enjoy my more limited time with Max, and enjoy the end of the year with my great group of students. Oh, and try not to over schedule my weekends… which already might be a fail. I'd also like to wear summer clothes, but I suppose that one is out of my hands...

What was your favorite part of April? Being down the Cape was definitely mine :) 



  1. Look at you meeting your reading goal in April! That is amazing! I haven't ready any of the books you read so I will have to check them out.

    April was a crazy wonderful month for me. The best part was getting my job offer, but a close 2nd was signing a lease a unit in my old building. I don't have any big goals for May besides staying calm through the move and making the most of the road trip with my mom as it's the most time I've ever had her to myself and probably the most I will ever have her to myself in my life most likely! I also want to keep up with my workouts so will be doing a 31 in 31 challenge since the 30 in 30 challenge was so motivating for me, and lastly and most importantly, I want to start strong at my new job and impress them from day 1!

  2. I'm glad I could help you with your last goal! : ) We need to go back to the cape.. immediately.

  3. LOVE that photo of you and Max. He's so precious and you're all so lucky to have such a talented sis, too! Also, I'm just warning you, but now that you have a little person in your life, "organizing and simplifying" will pretty much ALWAYS be on your to-do list. Well, at least it's been on mine consistently for the past 3.5 years ... and we're mostly getting rid of stuff after Gavin no longer wears it or plays with it (versus trying to keep things organized for future kids)!

    My favorite part of April was probably spending a bunch of time outside with friends and family. There were only a couple days when it was truly and magically beautiful. But, even on the days when it was in the 40s and 50s ... no snow? not brutally cold? only need to throw on a jacket and hat? BRING IT ON (or so says the people who were locked up tight for what felt like the longest winter on earth).

  4. Wooo goodreads goal! I'm more than halfway to mine so we'll see how that goes!

    Hang in there for the end of the school year - hopefully it'll fly by for you!

    April was good - I had a great time doing giveaways on the blog and I'm really proud of the posts I did for National Infertility Awareness Week! I think my goal in May is to survive - starting next week my schedule is SLAMMED. Advocacy Day, a quick conference, my sister's graduation from college, giving notice at our apartment complex, and leaving for vacation - then I get to meet you!!!

  5. I'm with you on not overscheduling but considering after this weekend I have something EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND until August 2nd I'm freaking out a bit. HOLD ME?! Or maybe we can run away to a lovely spa resort. Ha.

    Glad this week has been kind to you, but yes, the week has been slow. Slower than most. xo

  6. I'm behind on blogging and commenting, so I hope your return to work went well :) Love that picture of you and Max :)

  7. My first completely UNPLANNED weekend since March 15/16 will be May 31/June 1 and I thought I would be freaking out about that but the last several weeks have actually been going very well! I've made sure to be nice to myself during the downtime I do have on the weekends or after work! So even when your weekends are busy, try to carve out a tiny bit of time for you (or you and Max time!)

    Hope you get to wear your summer clothes soon. It SNOWED in the higher elevations here this morning which is pretty much unheard of for this time of year but at least it melted fast!