Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 30 & 31

It's time for another week of pregnancy updates. These are a bit reminiscent of my negative first trimester thoughts, so I'm sorry in advance for that. I will preface by saying I know I have been lucky in many ways. As far as we know, this baby boy is healthy. I am not having any major issues and I'm not on any version of bed rest. Thank goodness. I had another doctor's appointment last Thursday. The baby's heart beat sounded good, I'm measuring on schedule (just according to bump size, I may not have any more ultrasounds as long as everything seems fine), and my gestational diabetes test came back with no problems. I do truly know how lucky I have been. That being said, I just can't bring myself to be someone who loves being pregnant. I don't know if I'm going to love having a newborn either. But I already love the baby, that's what really counts, right? 

Week 30

It's weird to hit the number 30, knowing there is approximately 10 weeks to go until we really meet Max. I can't decide if that feels short or long. It feels too short when I think about actually taking care of a newborn, but it feels too long when I think about continuing to deal with pregnancy for 10 more weeks. As for Max, he continues to show off his hyperactive personality. He no longer limits his crazy movements to nighttime and now is just all over the place at all times of the day :) He particularly loves to hang out on the right side of my tummy, and I occupy way too much time at night watching him stick different body parts out and trying to guess if that's his head, elbow or foot. 

IMG 2980

Week 31

I've been told many times that the second trimester is the best of pregnancy. I tried to tell myself that after the not so fun first trimester I had that the third trimester would be kind to me. I didn't just wish it, I've stayed active and healthy hoping that I wouldn't be super uncomfortable come this time of the pregnancy. Well, I don't know what it would be like if I didn't do that so I have nothing to compare to. But, I'm still uncomfortable. A round little heavy basketball attached to my front may LOOK cute, but honestly at the end of the day, OW. Forget the end of the day, by 9:30am. My lower back absolutely hates me right now. You should see the ridiculous pillow set up I have on the couch and I've now been carrying a pillow around at work too for the rare times when I sit down. The only real relief seems to be swimming, yoga (sometimes) and sleeping. My other complaint is being SO ITCHY. Who knew this was a pregnancy symptom? Last night I was lathering myself with lotion and Benedryl Spray at 3am. I'm starting to think cuddling/feeding a newborn at 3am will be a major step up in my life. Perhaps that is the point of all this? Max, you best be cute is all I can say. 

I know it's a goal free month, but I'm going to make some for Week 32: actually take a bump photo, eat slightly fewer Christmas cookies, and maybe get a prenatal massage… there has to be something out there that will fix my back, at least temporarily? 



  1. Sorry you are uncomfortable! I thankfully never got to that uncomfortable feeling but I had no issues at all so I was just mildly annoyed by the multiple bathroom trips a night. Also, I think people who love newborns are lying or crazy.

  2. I vote prenatal massage! I'm sure that will help, especially if you tell them where you are having pain! Ahh 10 weeks - like you said, short and long! Hang in there friend!

  3. I also vote for a prenatal massage!! I didn't know about the itching thing! That sounds awful. Hang in there, friend. I don't know if I should wish that the next 10 weeks fly by for you, but I think having this uncomfortable phase behind you will help, even if it will be replaced by a sleepless phase. But hey - at least Eric can partake in that 'fun' sleepless phase with you so you won't be in it alone! and you'll have people to help whereas no one can really do anything to make the discomfort go away!

  4. Well.. if it's any consolation, you're the cutest pregnant person out there.

    I don't think I can help much with the back pain.. but I can help with the photos! .. next week

  5. Get that massage!!!! You deserve one. I couldn't imagine being on your feet all day

  6. Definitely try prenatal massage, not only do you totally deserve it but maybe it will really help with your back!! I'm glad you've still been able to remain active and that swimming feels good for you at least! I hope the next 10 weeks fly by for you. The days may feel long but February will be here before you know it!

  7. I think you look great and it sounds like the pregnancy is going well (despite being uncomfortable, which is pretty much a given at some point, right?!). How's this for a little perspective: at 31 weeks, I was a mommy. Forget 10 more weeks in the oven, my bun was ready for public consumption!

  8. Now is the time when you need to start training your kiddos to do stuff for you in the classroom and bring you the things you need while you sit down. The days of tying shoes and getting down on the carpet are over. They will love to help and you can have many little friends "waiting on you." haha. I forget how close you are working to your due date. I was going to take off from the beginning of May (I'm due 5/15), but I found out that once my sick days are gone, I lose my district insurance and I only have 20 sicks days so I am now planning to work until Friday 5/16 unless baby comes early. That should be fun....

  9. You definitely need that prenatal massage! I am another vote for getting one. You deserve it! I can't imagine being on my feet all day NOT pregnant. Ha. I couldn't imagine doing it pregnant.

    10 more weeks! 10 more weeks! Ahh!