Sunday, December 1, 2013

Music, Miles, Books and Looks of November


I enjoyed a late birthday present (my fault- it took me that long to decide on what I actually wanted) this month from Eric, a waterproof iPod shuffle to enjoy on swim workouts. I haven't fully figured out the headphones yet, but I seem to be able to listen to blasting music for the moment. I downloaded the Florida Georgia Line cd so that is the inspiration behind my first favorite song of this month. 

Round Here, Florida Georgia Line

Everybody's Got Somebody But Me, Hunter Hayes

Sweet Annie, Zac Brown Band



I set a goal to swim 5 miles this month total. I finished up on the last day of the month with 5.22 miles. Wahoo! It actually wasn't much of a challenge to get myself to the pool or yoga this month, I just need it or everything starts to hurt and I become more grumpy. 



Novemberbook1 5 Stars. This is a great mother/daughter story that takes place in New York and Iran. 

Novemberbook2 4 Stars. A great story that begins in 1962, with some fantastic characters. 

Novemberbook3 3 Stars. The setting of this story had a lot of potential, but the characters did not draw me in. 

Novemberbook4 4 Stars. A young adult novel set in World War II Hawaii. It makes me wonder yet again why I had to read such crap books in high school. 


I really like maternity clothes better than regular clothes. They just fit me so much better. We can add this to the very short list of things to love about pregnancy. However, I think you see enough photos of me in maternity clothes because of my weekly updates. So how about I show you a WAY cuter look? Baby clothes!

IMG 2831

November Goals Recap

1. Buy Nothing November. You can read more about what I did and why, and how I did with it. I was slightly less successful in the Black Friday madness (just online shopping, I am not one to deal with the stores), but overall it was a pretty successful month. It also helped me to see why I was shopping so much more than usual, and I think I've concluded it's because so many of my stress/bad mood relievers, like a quick run or bike ride, a glass of wine, planning a trip etc have all been taken away from me. Sigh. This is why I will not be giving up cupcakes in the month of December… though maybe I should. 

2. Throw out, donate or repurpose one thing per day. Not exactly. I learned this month that I cannot commit right now to doing something every day. Some days, things just are not going to get done. Preparation for motherhood? That's okay. I did throw out/recycle some serious bags of things, repurposed some other things. Just more on the 2013 Decluttering Spree

3. Read 4 books. Yes, thank goodness. See above. 

4. Swim 5 Miles. Yes, total 5.22 miles swam this month. Wahoo! 


In December, I won't be setting any goals for the first time in a long time. To be honest, life feels very overwhelming to me at the moment. I'm tired, not in that first trimester I must nap right now kind of way (thankfully-please let that not return), more just tired in a I-can't-possibly-fit-anything-else-into-my-life-right-now kind of way. I know this is not going to get any better in 2014, so I'm just preparing myself now but saying let's just hope I accomplish what I need to this month. Not going to aim any higher than that :) 




  1. Good idea to put less pressure on yourself in December, it is such a busy month with SO much pressure as it is!! I just realized I gave up on setting monthly goals this year like back in June. Whoops. Haha. Maybe I will try that again in 2014...

  2. You did a great job with your November intentions! I think it's smart to not set a goal for December - there's only so much time until the holidays and then 2014 - good not to overwhelm yourself if you don't have to!

  3. Yeah who needs goals? You're doing awesome growing a child inside you, that's all you need. You're managing a room of 20 five year olds, swimming and yogaing a lot, taking care of yourself and eating healthy. This sounds like a lot to me already! The next book on your list has to be the Storyteller : )

  4. Just added "Together Tea" to my wishlist. Thanks! :-)

  5. I think not setting goals is a really good idea right now. You have so much else going on right now, sometimes it's good to take a break from pushing towards goals.

    I am glad you read some great books this month - and that you really liked Together Tea since I recommended it to you!!