Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 27, 28 & 29

Well, hello 3rd Trimester. Now that you are here I not only forget what week I am on, but I also forget to do updates. Oops. I'll catch up with 3 this week. I really have nothing that interesting to say about each week individually other than, I'm getting bigger- yay baby is growing, boo I hate tying five year old shoes. So, I'll be picking a random pregnancy related topic and addressing it instead. Ready, GO. 


Week 27

IMG 0602

Things That Have Really Surprised Me About Pregnancy: Everyone is different, but I had a lot of thoughts about what I would be like in pregnancy. I thought I'd be an emotional mess, but in reality I've been much more angry than teary. I had never given much thought to Pregnancy Brain, but oh boy is that real. I thought I'd want to read lots of books about pregnancy when in reality, I hate the books and love just reading bloggers updates and other resources online. I expected to have a ton of food cravings and be sending Eric out for random things I wanted- in reality, I still want cupcakes and ice cream, so… nothing has changed on that front. I have had a couple of food aversions, but nothing crazy. There were other things I was right about: I do pee constantly, I will never ever say I love pregnancy, I'm  staying as active as I hoped to be, I am just as scared and unprepared as I thought I would to actually have a child… someone save me. 

Week 28IMG 2858

My Pregnancy Essentials So Far: I refuse to invest in a $80 pregnancy pillow but I have found that I could not have survived pregnancy so far without: lemon drops, mints, Trader Joe's golden round crackers, insane amounts of water, prenatal yoga, swimming (so therefore my bathing suit, my wetsuit, my Y membership and goggles), walks with Eric, google (I am probably the only person out there who feels calmer after googling things), cute maternity clothes and one king bed pillow for my back and one small pillow for my front… works as well as any pregnancy pillow I am convinced. 

Week 29

Winn 131129 1839 Edit  1

Baby and I were reunited with the Cape this week, yay. He continues to love vacation, or 4 day weekends. We did have one big moment this week due to the fact that the baby is moving just SO much these days. On Thanksgiving, Eric's grandmother put her hand on my stomach and felt him move. She is the first one besides obviously Eric and I who has felt him. This is particularly impressive because he tends to stopping moving right about the time that anyone tries to feel him ha ha. 

Other Random Things You Might Be Wondering About: Yes, the baby boy has a name- he will be called Max. He won't have a longer name, just Max. I clearly don't care at all about surprises and secrets- let's just get it all out there. No, I will not have a "birth plan" and in all likelihood I'll be having an epidural. Yes, I'm planning to work up until my due date (possibly two days longer if I haven't had the baby yet and I can survive it- that will get me to February break). Of course I know I have no control and I may not be able to, but I plan to. I also plan to return to work in late May and my most amazing mother will be watching the baby, which let's face it- is probably way better/safer than him being with me anyways. Plus it will only be for a few weeks before summer. 

If you are wondering about anything else, ask in the comments! :) 




  1. I thought I'd like books too and I bought one and then got one from my midwives and then proceeded not to read them. I'd glance at them occasionally before visits as if there might be a pop quiz and I should know what may be happening at that moment ha. Google is my friend. I had an aversion to my husband's smell. hahahahaha

  2. That last picture is my favourite! You are so cute pregnant! I LOVE the name Max. I admit though at first I was waiting for you to say "kidding" because you were just SO up front about it and so many people now-a-days are all secretive about their baby names (I did not think you were joking because I didn't like the name lol) but are you SURE you don't want it to be short for Maximus Prime -- your Kindergarten kids would love that!! ;)

    Glad that the second and third trimester treated you so much better than the first!! I hope you are feeling well enough to work up to your due date and even right up to February break, that would be pretty perfect timing!

  3. Third trimester! Yay! Home stretch! Home stretch!!!! And Max? LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  4. haha I love everything about Amber's comment, especially that the last photo is her favorite :) SO EXCITED TO MEET MAX!

  5. I adore your updates and your comments; the part about your baby being safer with your mom? cracked me up!

    I do have question (and sorry if you addressed this already): any colors that you are doing for the nursery? I ask with my present hat on =)

    Love the name Max. Love it.

  6. You look so great! And I love the name that you have selected! It's so cute! I can't wait to see the little guy - hopefully we'll get to meet in 2014! I think that I will feel a lot like you when/if I am pregnant. I don't think I will be flowery or poetic about the experience (it's totally fine that some people are). It will be a means to an end for me, and I just don't see myself loving it, but maybe I will surprise myself.

    That is awesome that your mom will be able to watch baby Max when you return to work!!

  7. OMG, I swear your pregnancy updates are my favorite. I need to bookmark these if I ever get pregnant, because I swear we'd have the same thoughts. I'd like to think I will be one of those people who will love pregnancy, but I don't think I will. And just THINKING about labor stresses me out and I'm not even pregnant! Sigh.

    Max is the cutest name! I love it. Not that you need my endorsement or anything, ha. :)

  8. AHHH Almost done!! So exciting! I love the name Max!

  9. I'm the opposite. I LOVE being pregnant. :) I pee a lot but I just drink less before I sleep. The first trimester was hard though.. I kept sleeping.

    I can't wait to meet my baby.

  10. Oh and I also decided on a short name too. Nothing long and drawn out, just.. the name. People always end up calling the baby one long name and then they shorten it. Why not just call them by their nickname to begin with?

  11. Love the name Max. I approve. Carry on.

    Hahaha. Kidding. Though, I do love the name. Nice job on choosing one!

    For the record, I never loved pregnancy. I don't think I was every angry, but I didn't get all gooey thinking about my baby. Also, I read a total of zero pregnancy books (and to this day, have read a total of zero parenting books). Seek out advice and insights from the people you trust - that is all you need.