Thursday, December 19, 2013

Friday Favorites

It's been a pretty blah week in these parts. There are so many things I'm currently over: snow, being pregnant, darkness, winter (which btw technically has not actually started, just kill me), and crazy kids who need a vacation. BUT, who wants to hear me whine? Not me. Plus, a 13 day vacation begins this afternoon at 3pm. So, let's get positive. Here are some of my current favorites: 

Books: Just finished two great books- gave them both 5 stars. 

Thestoryteller     Morningglory

Podcasts: I've been loving listening to podcasts lately. My current favorites are: The Art of Simple and Stuff Mom Never Told You. 

Dessert: Christmas cookies


Snack Food: Goldfish crackers… not only do they taste good, but adding this extra salt each day has completely cured my pregnancy dizziness. Amazing! 


Moment this Week: Gingerbread House decorating with some of my favorite kiddos.

IMG 0809


On the Web: When You Let Your Kid Play Ball In the House


Blog Post: the everyday: morning and night edition


Christmas Song: Christmas in Dixie, Kenny Chesney


What are some of your current favorites? Send some recommendations my way! 



  1. LOVED the story teller! Such a great book. I haven't read the other one, so will have to mark it Goodreads to read :)

  2. I need to read Story Teller since you, and 2 others, have recommended it! My favorite book I read this month was called 'The Little Way of Ruthie Leming'. It is actually a memoir and is a sad story, but I started and finished it on my Paris flight! Right now I am reading JK Rowling's book, Cuckoo's Calling. It's well written and I am curious to see who the culprit is (it's a murder mystery) but since I don't love that genre, I can't say I love the book...

    My favorite things this month to eat is veggies that steam in the bag in the microwave, cuties, the fact that I fly home today and getting 4.5 days off from work starting at 11 today! :)

    Hooray for your Christmas break being here! I hope it's relaxing and restorative for you!!

  3. Love the Storyteller, Goldfish, Ashlee's blog post (sooo cute!). Putting the podcasts and the other book on my list. WOO 8 more hours!

  4. I really want to read Sarah Jio's new book but it's not at my library yet! I also gave the Story Teller five stars -- so so good!

    Enjoy your 13 days off! I have the rest of today to work and then have to work until noon on Monday and then I get 9 days off in a row. I CANNOT WAIT!

  5. YUM. Goldfish. They may be on my next grocery list. I haven't had them in ages.
    I'm all about Christmas books, music and movies right now. So boring, right? =)
    Have a great vacation! mine starts today at 5pm and I'm So. Excited.


    A great source of 2013 books to pick through.

  7. My favorites recently have been these dark chocolate balls with things like acai, pomegranite and gogi. Mmmmm. (