Friday, December 13, 2013

Five Things Friday

I'm not sure where this week went, but my mind was too jumbled for a coherent post. Instead, you get some random thoughts. 


#1- I don't know how people survive their lives without exercise. It doesn't matter how much I fight/delay/almost don't do a workout, it always makes me feel better. Specifically, thank you yoga for saving my sanity on Monday and swimming for saving my extremely sore back on Wednesday. 


#2- Max's due date is exactly 2 months away. We "celebrated" this (without realizing it was happening, thanks Caroline for reminding me ha ha) by doing our hospital tour and having a doctor's appointment. I learned a lot about the process and the baby sounds good (based on heart beat, I don't do much else at appointments these days!). 


#3- Since there is pretty much no leaving early/coming late in teaching, we had to take the day off for our baby adventures. We spent the time in between killing time in Boston. It was ridiculously cold but I still just love Boston. Plus we got some Christmas shopping done at cute local stores in Beacon Hill. I officially recommend venturing off the Boston Common to check out some of the cute stores along Charles Street. On a slightly warmer winter day, you could throw in a little ice skating on the Frog Pond first. 

IMG 2999

IMG 3001

IMG 3002

4. As I mentioned above, winter is in full force here right now- as it is in many other parts of the country. We've had some snow all week so the kindergarten kids have needed all the gear. Sigh. Please never buy your child tie boots. Why do these even exist? 


5. This weekend we were originally thinking of a quick Cape Cod trip, but a forecast for a blizzard Saturday night changed our plans. My new plans include brunch with Katie & Teddy, reading as much as possible of my book (The Storyteller- so good!) and hopefully getting a pedicure. I'm not really a big spa treatment person but I really just cannot reach my toes comfortably at the moment. 


What are you up to this weekend? Do you think you could survive without exercise? 


  1. So glad you're loving The Storyteller! (I knew you would) This weekend I am staying inside and probably going to craft and read : )

  2. "Please never buy your child tie boots. Why do these even exist?"


    Your weekend plans sound fabulous! Hope you stay warm and cozy!

  3. Why do tie boots exist? How is that practical in any aspect? Stay warm this weekend! It is supposed to be ice cold and RAINY here. UGH....I hate winter, but I especially hate winter in Georgia

  4. I'm an adult and *I* don't even like tie boots. I prefer to slip mine on and off. =)

    This weekend we are supposed to get rain and snow (how fun!) and other than that I don't really know what we have planned as of yet. I'm totally ok with this since all of the holidays are in less than two weeks and I have more shopping to do :) Happy weekend, friend! (LOVED your Christmas card, BTW. It also got D to realize we SHOULD visit the Northeast one day!)

  5. I loooved The Storyteller! Hope you enjoy the rest of the book and your weekend. Stay warm! :)

  6. I am reading The Storyteller right now too! I am about 3/4 of the way done. It is SO GOOD and I really like it but I'm also finding it really difficult to read and a few parts were too much for me and I had to put it down. Definitely one of those books I'm starting to slow down on reading though because I really don't want it to end! Have a great relaxing weekend! Mine is going to be super low key too which is exactly what I need and want right now.

  7. Ugh. I have tie boots for myself and they annoy me. But I've owned them for like 15 plus years so I can't really complain. I don't think any of my lovely's have tie shoes so that's a plus. However, we did not go outside at all this week because it was below 20 usually under 10 degrees all week.

  8. I had to survive without exercise this summer but it was really brutal and I was not much fun to be around. I mean even with exercise I'm not much fun to be around these days so it was even worse this summer probably. Ha. I definitely need my cardio fix to stay sane!

    I spent the weekend in NYC and it was so much fun :)