Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Grateful: Baby Edition

I am very lucky, always have been. The past few weeks I have felt especially grateful for many things baby related and I thought it might be a good balance to my endless complaints (disguised as pregnancy updates) to post about it. Nilsa further motivated me by posting her own gratitude post.
#1- I am grateful that my baby is going to be a boy! 
Winn 130922 0377
Yes, I know this means no pink clothes for the baby, very sad. But aside from the pink clothes, I was definitely meant to be a boy mother. So, so many adventures ahead.

#2- This baby boy, who is still (hopefully) 19 weeks away from birth is already loved more than many kids can ever hope to be. I know this because the excitement surrounding him has been very high from the start, even when I myself was a little shocked, hesitant, and just too sick to be excited. Recently the spoiling in the form of clothes, toys and books has started to pile up. My best friend Katie has been putting together monthly gifts for him including books and toys that her own son Teddy (aka my baby's BFF) has loved the past year of his life. Last week I got a soft and beautiful blanket (that I want to steal and keep for myself) from my college roommate Ash, and an outfit from one of my students.
IMG 0061
Photo  58
The baby has not just been spoiled in gifts. He has always been spoiled by wonderful people taking good care of his mom and of course Caroline taking lovely photos for us!

#3- I am grateful for my kindergarten students and their families. I worried ALL summer about telling my new kindergarten families that I was having a baby and would have to leave in February. Everyone assured me that it would be fine but I refused to believe them and was convinced the world would come crashing down (and was super annoying about this… sorry all). Well, I'm thankful to report that it went 100 times better than I ever could've expected. I know from listening to friends it has NOT always gone this well, so I really do counting my blessings every single day. It was not 15 seconds after sending the e-mail with the news that I had a response from a mom saying how excited and happy she was for me. I have had two of her kids before this, so I didn't expect this reaction from my new families who barely know me. But I was wrong, I received the same enthusiasm and excitement from them, even a card and a baby outfit from people who JUST met me two weeks ago.

#4- I am thankful for those who are happy for me when I know it's hard for them. I have some wonderful friends who want to be moms (and would be the BEST moms), but it's not happening for them. For various reasons, I have always believed I would be in their position rather than my own. I have only experienced a very small taste of what they are going through, so I don't pretend or claim to understand. I think about them every day, hope and pray for them that they will get what they want. I am very thankful that they seem truly happy for me, ask how I am doing and don't make me feel like the worst person ever when I complain, though sometimes I make myself feel this way when I think about them anyways.

For me it has been easy to focus on the negative: the nausea and exhaustion, the worry about every thing I eat and do, the things I miss being able to do, eat and drink. But in the end, like so many things, the good is really what is important here. Perspective is such a hard thing to get, but such an important thing to have.

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When was the last time you need some perspective? How did you get it? What are you grateful for? 


  1. I love this post! I am so happy for you two. I loved the picture that Caroline took of Eric this weekend with one of your friends babies. You guys are going to be such great parents!! I can't wait to meet him - maybe next summer?

    I have definitely needed a dose of perspective this year for many reasons. I have not really been great about acknowledging the good things in my life because I let myself get weighed down by this string of not great things... So Nilsa's gratitude posts have been so good for me because it's gotten me back in the habit of being thankful for the many blessings I have!

  2. And we are grateful for you : )

  3. Trust me when I say your little boy will give you a ton of perspective. He will make you laugh when you want to cry; he will bring you to tears with the sweetest little gesture; he will make you realize how many crumbs are hidden under your cabinets; he will make you slow down when all you want to do is go-go-go. Children are a gift and I can't wait for you to meet your little boy (next year, that is)!

  4. Ah congratulations that you guys are going to have a baby boy! :)

  5. This post made me all teary-eyed. (Yeah, i'm that sensitive. Guess it's a good thing both of my bonus kids are girls!) Love the last picture and all of the positive that you have going for you with regards to the baby and the pregnancy! I am OBSESSED with buying baby clothes for friends so be careful or you might get some from me. Send me your address? ;)

  6. Ohhhh LOVE these pictures!!!

    I think pregnancy is fair game for some complaining - um, you're growing a human, that's kind of a big deal - but posts like this are so fun too - I can't wait to see your pregnancy progress - and I officially have yarn - so excited to start knitting goodies!

    (P.S. Worst run-on sentence EVER).

    My perspective is happening right now with all this government shut down. I am still working but all the people I work with are not and it is crazy and unfair and it making me so grateful for all I have.

  7. I usually need perspective by lunch time these days. So tough. I had the easiest pregnancy everrrrr. And wouldn't mind being pregnant forever if it meant you could drink alcohol and there wasn't always a baby at the end. ;P


    I have no idea how I missed this, but man! I'm so happy for you!! :) And having a boy is amazing. You will love it! You're in for a treat. :)

  9. This is an amazing post! How exciting! Congrats on the baby boy!!!

    I had no idea teachers caught slack when they got pregnant. Actually, I'm appalled that parents are so selfish that they get upset when the teacher of their children becomes pregnant! That's really sad. What do they expect, teachers to remain sterile?!?!

    On that note, I am so happy that they took it well and are being support (like they should be!)!!

    I love your pictures you took for the revealing! Cute :)

  10. I am so excited for you that you will be welcoming a little boy into this world. A few of my friends have little guys and they seem to have a special relationship with them.

    I needed some perspective last week in dealing with a co-worker and friend. Thankfully I have some really great friends to point that out to me.

  11. I am so excited for you that you will be welcoming a little boy into this world. A few of my friends have little guys and they seem to have a special relationship with them.

    I needed some perspective last week in dealing with a co-worker and friend. Thankfully I have some really great friends to point that out to me.

  12. Ditto what Abby said - had no idea parents would even CARE about their kids teacher getting pregnant (I mean in a negative way - not all the positive stuff you are getting which is great. You know what I mean. haha) Anyways, kindergarten is such a small part of a persons life, having the teacher go away to have a BABY halfway through the year is not going to mess the kid up for life.

    Anywaysssss, I am SUPER HAPPY for you and Eric and I know you are going to be the best mom ever!!! I am so excited to continue to follow along with you through the rest of this pregnancy and when your little guy enters the world. I think having a little boy would be so so fun though I'm almost positive I will have a girl first as out of 9 grandchildren on Eric's side of the family, 8 are girls! haha