Thursday, October 3, 2013

Week 19 & 20 Updates

I've officially hit the halfway mark! Wahoo! :) We are going to ignore the whole, you are not really pregnant for the first two weeks and I didn't even really know until 6 weeks. Halfway, it is.
Week 19
Winn 130922 0378
This was a big week on the baby front. I closed up Week 18 by announcing to the kindergarten parents that I was having a baby. This set off a big wave of excitement because I was able to officially announce on Facebook AND start wearing whatever clothes I want to (that fit) to work. Triple celebration. Facebook itself is really not a huge deal, but it just feels like the final push to being totally public and not having to hide it at all. Then, Week 19 started with the very exciting ultrasound! Most importantly, the baby is healthy and has all the necessary body parts, that they can see right now anyways. The baby is even measuring right on schedule which is welcome news when your husband is 6 foot 4. Yikes. But also fun to know, the baby is a BOY! I have to admit, I actually thought the baby was a girl, so my motherly instinct was not right. Let's hope that improves by the time the baby arrives, yes? It was a great appointment which ended with a visit from BFF Katie and future BFF of our boy, Teddy. They gave us a special blue teddy bear and took a picture of Eric and I right after the ultrasound.
Photo  59
We had to wait over an hour for our appointment and then sit in a dark room, so I definitely look exhausted, which I was. But mainly I was just shocked that we really knew it was a boy! It's all starting to feel a little more real which kicked my butt in gear to actually get in touch with some daycares and start my registry. Yay for productivity!
Winn 130922 0416

Week 20
Winn 130928 0565
I've decided that the super fan shirt I'm sporting above is like the pants from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, it legit fits me no matter what size I am. I got it over 10 years ago now at freshman orientation, it's a wonder it has not yet fallen apart.
I am continuing to feel really great during this lovely honeymoon phase of the second trimester. All my students are sick so I am definitely fighting a cough/cold but after the nausea and exhaustion of this summer, it just doesn't seem AS bad as it normally would. I've also noticed a shift in my mindset as far as the long list of things I can't do. I barely think about the eating restrictions anymore, and even not drinking doesn't seem as bad these days. Except, I would LOVE a nice cold pumpkin beer.
Even though I don't feel physically as pregnant (read: crappy) as I did before, I feel more mentally able to face it all. I finished most of my registry, set up a weekly plan for touring and interviewing daycares and even bought some clearance maternity clothes at Old Navy plus a few more online. But even though I am finally being more productive on the baby front, I'm also finding that I have a lot more energy to focus on other exciting things in my life that are non baby related, which is also refreshing. This weekend my college roommate came to visit to celebrate her 30th birthday. We went out to dinner at Salvatore's on the waterfront (highly recommend- most organized meal I have had with a 12 person group EVER and super yummy as well). We also spent Saturday tailgating the BC football game, hence the photo above.
IMG 0106IMG 0140IMG 0135
Bring on Week 21.


  1. Lol. That photo at the of the boys and their 'bottles' cracks me up! I am glad that you are feeling much better! I hope this 'honeymoon phase' lasts for quite awhile! I love that picture of you two right after you found out you were having a boy! You both look so happy! I guessed girl, mostly because I feel like I always guess boy because the majority of the people in my life have boys! So I wanted to be different from my usual guess of boy!

    Hooray for being at the 1/2 way point! Next week hits the 1/2 way point for my 1 year commitment so I guess we are both celebrating similar things (but not really, you get a cute kid at the end, I get a job search process. Ha.)

  2. You said you thought it was a boy the few days before hand though! That counts for something :) I'm so glad you're feeling better, yay for productivity and positivity! Also, love the last photo

  3. You're looking and sounding great, Kelly! Isn't it crazy how fast that first half goes? And, the next few months will fly by as you're distracted by the holidays. Seriously, February will be here before you know it! My unsolicited advice about your registry is to populate it with items you really need first ... and then, as those items are purchased, you can add the fun stuff and the items that aren't absolute necessities. Otherwise, you'll wind up getting a ton of clothes (which you'll get anyway) and might not get some of the less fun, but totally necessary baby goods (diapers, first aid kit, etc.).

  4. Love that polka dot shirt you're wearing. So cute! You are a lovely looking pregnant lady and the bump suits you well!