Sunday, September 29, 2013

Music, Books, Miles, Looks of September + Goals

I can't believe it's already the last day of September. How did that happen? It was such a busy month, as it always is, but overall it was a good month. My goals were to read more, go to spin and yoga and be productive/survive. I did a great job with productivity and yoga. I did not get to spin, and I definitely did not read more. There is always another month :) 

Music: I'm currently obsessed with All Kinds of Kinds by Miranda Lambert. I also love Mine Would Be You by Blake Shelton. It's a good month for that marriage if I was in charge, which I am. 

Books: My reading is at an all-time low right now. Every time I go to read, I just want to sleep. I'm even behind my year reading goal, which I don't think has happened ever since I first started making that goal. This month I read The Next Accident by Lisa Gardner and The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. Both were good, but nothing to make me actually read. This month I'm going to aim for three books. I know I can do 3. Or should I say, I hope I can do 3! SecretlifeNextaccident

Miles:  I didn't run in September, which means I think I'm officially on a running hiatus until hopefully March, possibly April depending on when the baby comes. But, I have done a lot of walking AND a lot of swimming. I am still swimming outside in my beloved pond, even with the colder weather. We wear wetsuits so it's really just the initial shock and then it's pretty warm. We actually swam across the pond (1 mile) twice, and did several other 3/4 mile swims. I'm hoping we have a few more weeks to enjoy this beautiful view! 

Photo  57


The month began with the great "hide the bump" quest. Alternative names include: change outfit 67 times each morning, drive Eric crazy with "can you see the bump now? can you see it now?" questions. Thanks to a combination of TJ Maxx dresses found by my mom, the H&M dress found below, and just general luck, no one figured it out until I was ready. Whew! 

Photo  52

 The second part of the month involved a mixture between old favorites like the pink dress Caroline gave me last Christmas...

Photo  56 

…and a small collection of maternity clothes I am just starting to experiment with. The photo below is my regular pants (with a Bella band) and a maternity shirt from Old Navy. 

Photo  55

I am still resisting maternity clothes a bit because I don't want to spend a ton on a whole new wardrobe, but I also don't want to be completely sick of the same 5 outfits come December and January. One of my friends gave me a total pep talk about maternity clothes the other day though, so I did do some shopping this weekend. I'm sure they will be appearing more and more in October, and it might not be my choice anymore! 

Also part of my looks were my boy/girl nails for our big ultrasound a few weeks ago. 

Photo  54

Goals for October:

1. Read 3 books. I won Becky's giveaway for 3 books, so hopefully this will motivate me! 

2. Say NO to 3 things. Life is getting crazy again (or was it just always?). I need to say no more. I am putting a number on it so I will be held accountable. 

3. Go to yoga at least one time per week. Go to spin class at least once. Let's try this one again! 




  1. I love all the outfit photos, but I am sure you are not surprised that the striped top is my FAVORITE! You can see your bump in it and you look so cute!! I hope that you find the right balance between buying enough mat clothes that you aren't bored with your options but not having to buy TOO many.

    I am posting my recap later this week - crazy to think that September is almost over!!

  2. I love your goal of saying no more. It's a great goal that all of us social calendar crazies should strive for from time to time. =)

    Also, have you looked into second hand/consignment stores and/or pop-up sales specific to all things maternity? It's a great way to find maternity clothes and baby clothes, neither of which will be used for more than a 4-6 months. I remember spending <$30 at my first sale and walking away with two bags of baby clothes!

  3. Saying no can be so hard but so rewarding! I hope you'll keep us posted about this goal!

    Two of your three books are on their way to you - that'll get you started at least! :)