Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Parties, Daycares, Red Sox and Swimming, Oh My!

I have lots of jumbled thoughts today, so you get a random post. 

1. This past weekend one of my favorite kiddos turned one (my best friend's son). If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you probably remember when Teddy was born and maybe also (like me) feel like it was 2 seconds ago. But it was really a year. We celebrated his birthday with a big party on Sunday. I shamelessly stole the idea for a block guest book from Ashley and it turned out great! It's not like me to come up with creative ideas like this so it's nice to have great blog friends to steal from :) 

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2. I have been trying my best to slowly plug away at the baby-to-do list. I've visited three day cares and still not sure what exactly I want/am looking for (or at least how I'm going to find it). It's funny because they seem to love that I am a kindergarten teacher, yet I don't feel like that degree in early childhood is helping me at all in this process, lol- just as I'm sure it won't help me actually parent!  Eric also moved our guest bed downstairs to the office (and put one of our desks in the attic for now), so the "nursery" is now empty and ready to be filled. I start parent/teacher conferences next week, so my goal is to solidify the daycare plan after that and also start my maternity leave plans at that point. We shall see, because I know things will also get busy with the holidays. I do wish I was a little more productive with this stuff over the summer, but at the time when I was feeling nauseous and exhausted, it just wasn't happening! 


3. I have officially put away my wetsuit and said goodbye to outdoor swimming for the year. This decision was made partly because it's getting actually chilly, and partly because it required two friends to zip my wetsuit last Wednesday. Ha. I returned to the pool on Saturday and again this morning, it wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be. I'm hoping to maintain swimming 2-3 times per week for the rest of pregnancy, and not get TOO bored in the process. Let's hope! 


4. The Red Sox are in the World Series tonight! Wahoo :) We had Red Sox Day at school today and believe it or not, I still have a Red Sox shirt that fits. I won't be able to stay up for a lot of the game, but it's still exciting! I understand they do the game times all for primetime/money but I do wish they would start them earlier so the kids could watch them. 


What random things are going on in your world?  



  1. Wahhhh sorry you put the wetsuit away :( Also sorry I couldn't get out for one last swim! I can't believe how quickly Teddy's first year went by either - so crazy!

  2. Bummer about the wetsuit! But it's kind of funny to picture 2 people getting you into one. ;) I can not believe Teddy is a year already - I totally remember when you blogged about him being born. The block guest book is such a great idea!

    Some randomness in my life is that I am really really overtired right now. I was gone a lot in October (14 days actually) and then this week has been busy as I have been gone until 8:30-9 pm every night and have another evening commitment tonight (clearly not winning on that whole saying no thing). But I have a fairly quiet weekend ahead of me - although I am hosting a couple for dinner on Saturday night... So yah, life isn't slowing down all that much, but I am ok with that I guess as the faster the year goes, the better!

  3. I remember seeing that block guest book idea on Ashley's blog and thinking it was SO cool! I'm glad you did it. Teddy is such a cute little guy.

    Looking at daycares sounds stressful! I work with two ladies with young families and I know that daycare + the cost of daycare is a big stress in their lives. I'm hoping that my mom will help me out with that aspect of things one day. Lol

    I kind of miss swimming... But I don't want to get a gym pass again just to swim. I should look into getting a pass just for the pool! I can't even remember the last time I went lap swimming. I think it was in 2011!!

  4. Finding daycare is hard. I really didn't know what I was looking for either. I had no idea what questions to ask besides how much does it cost and do you take part time kids. I think it's more of a feeling for the individual/staff that will be caring for your baby. I ended up really happy with the in home daycare we chose. We went with recommendations from others and got lucky with great caretakers and a place Grace loves.

  5. Daycare is hard. I definitely know what I don't want and I really wish I could afford a nanny. ;)