Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week 21 and 22 Updates

Week 21

Well, I am definitely getting bigger! The bump is starting to be more and more a part of my life. So are cupcakes, cupcakes need to be a part of my life too. 

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The photo above was taken at a Food Truck festival down at the Cape. This day marks the first official acknowledgement of the bump by stranger. I know that others have probably wondered "is she pregnant?" before this, but I haven't heard about it yet. At the food truck festival, I separated from Eric, his brother and girlfriend and then met them in the beer garden area. As I walked in, I was searching for my ID in my purse assuming I would have to show it. The guy checking ID looked at me skeptically and said, "are you actually going to have a drink?" I replied "no." He responded "I didn't think so, don't have to show me ID then!" Ha ha, why didn't you think so? Could it be the ever-growing belly? I still hold out hope that by the time I have my next baby, research will have proven (and people will have accepted) that a small amount of drinking is okay, kind of like coffee used to be a no no and now it's okay in moderation. Yes, I know, this is a high hope but I don't drink caffeine anyway, and I would enjoy a nice SMALL glass to wine every once in awhile. I know this is widely accepted in other areas of the world and by many doctors, so I'm just looking for some mainstream acceptance :) 

Week 22

One of my major reasons that I wanted to find out the gender of my baby was because I am not really a "love at first sight" type of girl. Of course I will love this baby, but everything I can know about him before he is born is going to make it easier and easier to "know" him, and love him at first sight even after what could be a very painful and exhausting labor :) I don't want to call a baby "it" for 9 months. Now that we know he is a he, I feel like I am slowly learning other things about him. I often joked in the first trimester that he loved vacation, because I always felt less nauseous on days I did not have to work. This continued to be true as I spent a four day weekend in Florida for a friend's wedding. 

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I also know from the ultrasounds that he LOVES to move all around. I'm starting to feel these movements more regularly- I'm not sure if it's really "kicking" or not, but it's definitely movement. I am even starting to notice that this baby is just like his dad when it comes to sleeping. I don't feel anything from him in the early morning, but at night- he is all over the place! According to my recent e-mail updates, babies do start to develop sleep cycles at this time, so I guess what I'm feeling is normal. It's fun to know this little detail about him and to imagine that maybe I will continue to have some quiet mornings even after the baby is born. Ha, I know- so much wishful thinking in one update post! 

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Most things are going delightfully well these days, a very nice contrast to the first trimester. I have been struggling with the whole rest/workout/work balance. I completely understand that in order to have a healthy baby, I need to rest more now. This was relatively easy over the summer when I was absurdly exhausted, feeling terrible and not working a full time job. But now, I'm at work at least 8 hours a day and usually have some work to do at home. I want to keep up with my workouts, but I still have normal errands to run, and things to do around the house. After a long day of being on my feet at work, it's hard to know if the best thing to do for my sanity and the baby is to go for a walk (or swim, yoga etc) or just put my feet up. I have been trying so hard to get more "feet up" time, but man there are just not enough hours in the day and I really need to start looking at daycares and make lunches for the week and do laundry- and well… the list goes on. 

Last week I swear I ran a different errand every day after work. This often happens especially when I'm away over the weekend when I would normally bust out as much as possible. So, this week I am tackling the errand problem first. I made a list of all the things I needed for the week. I ordered what I could online, and the other necessities I lumped into other things I have to do, so that I'm only running errands twice this week and once is on the way to work on Wed morning (grabbing a gift bag and some ribbon at Walgreens), and the other time is on my way to dinner with friends on Thursday (returning some maternity clothes that didn't fit) I still think it will be a busy week because I'm visiting two daycares after school and I really, really need to start writing report cards. But, I'm hoping the more organized I am, the more rest time I'll be able to carve out. I figure by the time I'm 80 years old, I may have balance figured out a bit better. No? 


  1. I remember going to Whole Foods with John when I was very pregnant and they card both people if one person buys alcohol and I always thought that was silly since I was clearly about to pop out a baby. You are looking fabulous! 2nd trimester is the best one-enjoy it!

  2. You look so great and your bump is looking so cute! Like I said in my text before - it's a great accessory ;)

    I also hope that when I get pregnant one day having a small drink here and there is more mainstream accepted!! Like you said, it is part of many many cultures. It's not like I'd want a shot of tequila in the middle of pregnancy, just a small glass of wine every so often!

  3. Love the first bump picture even more looking at it this 2nd time - such a cute bump! Also, I love imagining that the baby is going to be like Eric in his sleeping habits haha. Maybe you'll start overheating at some point too. Only buy him shorts?

  4. I drank wine every now and then while pregnant. Especially towards the end my midwife suggested it. I also had sips of beer every now and then and later towards the end some more of this dark beer I liked. I also enjoyed lots of laziness while pregnant and am so glad I did. Also, if you don't have that love at first sight feeling don't feel like there is anything wrong. I didn't feel it either but it's not like I despised the child. I was just like woo yay, she's out of me, get me some food and let's go to sleep ha. Clearly I'm sentimental. ;P

  5. You look adorable pregnant! Really, you do! I hear you on the not being able to drink thing. I can have 1-2 drinks a month, but I had used those up already so I could not have any drinks this weekend on vacation and it was kind of hard. I feel like it takes away from my ability to really, truly relax sometimes... but so it goes!

    Good luck figuring out a balance between work/life/working out! It is so hard to balance it all and then when you add in the exhaustion of pregnancy, I can't imagine balancing it all. I really do not know how I could handle my job + being a mom!

  6. I stink at the work/life/working out balance. It's not my strong suit at all. But I keep chugging and plugging and then some nights I'm a monster because I haven't had time to read/blog/relax and then I'm just grumpy. I need a nickname for my grump.

    You're a gorgeous pregnant woman, btw. Glad to hear things are going well =)