Thursday, October 31, 2013

October --> November

I feel like I always say it, but how do the months fly by so fast? October was a busy but good month. Highlights of the month were definitely all about swimming, whether it was our chilly swims at Walden or my dolphin swims in Florida. The month was pretty busy and I'm hoping things will slow down in November, both at work and in life. I can always hope, right? Here is how I did with my goals: 

1. Say No to 3 things. Check. I actually said no to closer to five or six things. Some made only minor differences in my life, but at this point any obligation I can rid myself of seems to be a really positive thing. 

2. Read 3 books. Check. I was much more into reading this month and I read three great books. They are: 


Time Traveler is a book I've been meaning to read for years and maybe the only book ever where I saw the move (on the plane home from Iceland) before I read the book. It was a great book, and I'd definitely recommend it. Life Sentences was our blogger book club read this month and I'm thankful I was reading it at the same time as Lisa because there were some confusing parts and overall it was not my favorite book, not terrible, but not great overall. I think I might have been even too generous in my review on goodreads, ha. Becky sent me Tiny Beautiful Things and it was great. There was a lot of wonderful advice and I'm convinced that everyone can relate to something in this book. 

3. Yoga one time per week. Spin once. Check. I did make it to spin once :) It was okay, but I'm not jumping up to go again at the moment. Hopefully I will go a few more times in pregnancy. I mainly just don't want to get on a bike in the spring and have my body be like, and what would this be? It's probably hopeless anyways! I also have been going to yoga faithfully and I just signed up for two more classes so I know I'll be going about twice a week in November. 


November Goals

1. Buy Nothing November. I got the idea from Ashley (she has been giving me a lot of ideas lately). I'm stealing it. I'll do a post explaining this in more detail once I get the fine print worked out. 

2. Throw out, donate, repurpose one thing per day. Also known as: Simplify, Take 300 or Get Rid of Crap Before Baby Stuff Takes Over. Sigh. This might actually be a pretty big challenge since I just sold some more clothes to Twice and brought 3 giant trash bags full of stuff to Goodwill last weekend. 

3. Read 4 books. I need to read 4 in November and 4 in December to meet my year goal. It's hard to believe last year I read 10 more books than this. Somehow I must have known in January that I wouldn't be able to keep that up because I didn't aim as high this year. Next year I may have to aim even lower, unless reading kids books will count. Ha. 

4. Swim 5 Miles. Not all at once :) Just total in the month. I know I will keep up with yoga so this is just a little extra swimming motivation now that I am restricted to boring lap swimming again. 

What are you hoping to do this November? 







  1. Yay, so glad you like Tiny Beautiful Things! (Don't worry your third book from the giveaway is coming soon!)

    My goal for October was to go gluten-free and for the most part we did - the root canal threw things off a bit (then I needed to eat what I could and not necessarily worry about gluten), but I'm hoping to get back on it in at least a modified way soon. I think my goal for November is to take a breath and be grateful. This fits with the theme of Thanksgiving but I've found myself complaining a lot lately and it's time to step back and not be grumpy!

    Happy Friday!

  2. Ha, you were much nicer about Life Sentences - I really really disliked that book! Good thing some of the other books I read made up for it's crappiness!

    Good job on saying no to some things! I am glad it made your life a little less hectic!

    I will be joining you on that no spend challenge, too. But I have not thought about the particulars and probably won't until I get back from my trips to LA & Minneapolis in this coming week. Which means I will start to really think about it on November 11th. Ha. I do think one exception I will make is that I plan to buy a couple of books for my nook for my Paris trip as I imagine I'll read quite a bit on that trip and I can't buy books while in Europe on my nook so need to load it up before I leave! November is going to be hectic to me between some work trips and fun trips. Besides not spending, my goal is to spend the weekends that I am in Charlotte cooking and stocking my freezer for future busy weeks!

  3. Hoping to get back on track this November. Actually make time for cooking meals, yoga, sleep, and the like. I'm reading Jodi Picoult's newest book right now, I was really sick of her books for a while but this one is different and GOOD. Also, the last book in the Divergent triology is out so that is on my list (you read those right??)

  4. I LOVED The Time Traveler's Wife. Such a good book!

  5. Those are great goals! I kind of let my monthly goal thing fall by the wayside in the summer.Whoops. I think it will be a more spring thing for me anyways as the summer and fall seasons are busy enough for me without adding extra pressure. However, in November I want to keep up getting in 5-6 workouts per week no matter how busy I get and I really really want to get back to healthy eating. I was eating super healthy in September/beginning of October and that just totally went out the window these past couple of weeks when I'm busy at work (busy at work for me = lots of events which = lots of events with food that is NOT healthy)!

  6. The Time Traveler's wife is one of my favorite books ever. Glad you enjoyed it =)