Friday, July 20, 2012

Tri Training, Take 3, Week 1

While I was galavanting around the Pacific Northwest, some of my work friends were persuading me to sign up for a September triathlon. It didn't take much convincing since I knew the summer would be a perfect time to train. Since I was away, I didn't get much training in then, just 1 run and a bike ride in Stanley Park. I decided to start training as soon as I got home, so my training "week" is going to go from Friday-Thursday this cycle. 


Recap of Last Week

Friday- Swim 30 laps

Saturday- Bike 8 miles

Sunday- Run 2 miles

Monday- Swim 30 laps

Tuesday- Off

Wednesday- Swim 30 laps (with speed intervals)

Thursday- Brick, Bike 10 Miles/ Run 1 mile

I felt pretty good this week. I guess the Grouse Grind crazy hike and the 11 Mile Beach Hike prepared me well to start training. My biggest difficulty was the fact that I sort of fell down the stairs on Sunday. Ha. I put my hands down to stop myself and it kind of hurt my back/arm. I definitely felt it swimming on Monday, but it seemed to loosen up the more I swam, so I think it will be fine. Gotta stop being clumsy! 

Plan for Next Week: swim/bike combo (I think, still haven't fully decided), 1 swim, 1 bike, 2 runs, 2 days off


What's New this Training? 

1. Swim Intervals: I am going to do some swimming intervals this round. I don't really care much if I get faster at swimming since it's such a short part of the triathlon it doesn't affect overall time much. But, after the last tri I was really out of breath after swimming, even though during my training I always breathe fine. This showed me that in order for me to start the bike feeling good, I need to go a little faster in training. So I will :) 

2. More Combo Workouts: I'll be somewhat following this training plan, which includes a brick workout (bike/run) every week. I'm going to do some kind of combination but not necessarily bike/run most, but not all weeks. I think this will better prepare me to do all three sports together. 

3. Open Water Swim or Swims: My first tri was in open water, but I still didn't do any open water training swims. That was okay actually, but this time I plan to do it, mainly because I'll have some friends to go with me. 


What's New this Week? 

I got a Spibelt! After Lisa's crazy Seattle running experience, I decided it was about time I invested in a spibelt. I always bring my phone when I'm biking but lately I have had no idea where to put it and I figured it makes sense to bring it on runs as well. My local running store had it in bright pink, so I was sold. I've biked with it twice and ran with it twice and I really like it. 


  1. I totally agree that you need to have the swim down to do well on the bike! My arms were exhausted after the tri swim and even though you wouldn't think that you matter on the bike, it definitely slowed me down!
    I really want to do this tri with you guys.. I'm having such a hard time figuring out what I want/can to do! Gah!

  2. I love my spibelt! It's the only thing I used and I am shocked at how much those things can actually hold.

    Doing a triathlon sounds so interesting to me and it's definitely on my bucket list to train for one, but I'm nervous! A friend told me to take swimming lessons at the Y and I'm seriously considering it. I have never had any professional swimming lessons, even as a kid! Just the training from good ol' Dad! haha!

  3. Yayy! I wanted to do another tri this summer (olympic distance this time) but I'm not sure I have the drive to train for one right now, plus the one I was thinking of doing is in like 3 weeks and I haven't swam in like four months haha. I am however going to start swimming laps in my mom's pool to get some exercise in during this crazy heatwave we're having!

  4. Man, I fell running, you fell down the stairs. What is our DEAL! Sheesh!

    Nice work on the training! I am sure you will do great. Tri's totally intimidated me. I feel like my legs would be like jelly by the time I got to the run!

    I haven't bought a spibelt yet, but plan to. I want a pink one!!