Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Saying Goodbye to the Pacific Northwest

I can't believe it's been two weeks since Amber's wedding already! Crazy. I am finally going to finish recapping our lovely trip and I guess it's clear why before this I've always tried to blog while on vacation because it will take me too long when I get home :) 


So, by now it was July 10th, Eric and my 2 Year Anniversary. I'm not going to lie, I woke up feeling pretty terrible that morning. As I mentioned before I was a little unclear on exactly how much wine I was drinking. Luckily, with a combination of a delicious breakfast with a delicious view, some ginger gum and a Starbucks Passion Tea, I recovered. 


We spent most of the day with Anais and Olle, attempting to find Starbucks, lounging on the rocks and swimming in the crazy water. Okay, it wasn't that the water was crazy so much but just that there were some obstacles when actually getting in. I didn't take any picture of this thankfully, but just picture crazy rocks with barnacles all over them. At one point I went up to the hotel to make a reservation for dinner and when I came back, Eric told me watch out for the snake. Awesome. 

For dinner, the four of us went up to dinner right at the hotel. The food was seriously amazing. I got pistachio crusted halibut and my mouth is watering just thinking about it...

IMG 6026

After dinner, we decided to check out the famous Tenthouse Suites so we took a little walk up to the boardwalk and bridge that leads over to them. It was gorgeous over there, not that I was shocked since clearly the whole place was beautiful. 

IMG 6027

IMG 6028

IMG 6035

It was a lot of fun hanging out with Anais and Olle, they are both awesome- as are all the bloggers we met on the trip. I hope we can do an Amber's Wedding Reunion at some point so we can all hang out again… thoughts? haha. I'm not sure if we will find quite as gorgeous of a spot but I bet we could try. 

The next morning it was time to start the two day trek back to Boston. We took our time leaving Rockwater because we knew our train from Vancouver to Seattle was not until 5 pm. We got up and ate one final breakfast at the hotel and then headed back to the ferry and then the train station. The train ride home went smoothly, but it dragged compared to the fun we had on the way up. Eric and I did manage to get the water side though, so the views were seriously amazing...


I have to say that after doing it I would definitely recommend the train for a trip from Seattle to Vancouver. It's really cheap compared to trains over on the East Coast, and it's a comfortable way to get from one place to the other with a nice view. I think technically it takes a little longer than driving, but if you factor in lines at the border it's probably really about the same. They did check Passports right at the border heading back into the US, but it was a very, very quick process and overall it's a lot easier to get out of Canada than into it, it seems. 

When I originally planned the trip, I figured we would just stay at the airport the last night since we'd be flying out in the morning and not even arriving until 10pm. But, when I looked into hotels at the airport they were all either terrible or $250+ a night. I figured if I'm going to pay over $200 I'd rather stay downtown, so we ended up at Warwick Hotel with a gorgeous view of the Space Needle...

IMG 6041

The hotel was okay overall, we basically just slept there, but the location was definitely fantastic and left me time in the morning to do some things I still wanted to do in Seattle while Eric slept. I got up the next morning, went to get a crumpet that Ash and her mom had been raving about and then checked out Pike's Place Market when it was quiet. It was fun to actually see the fish out (still didn't see the throwing because it was too early)...

IMG 6044

I also got to actually go into the original Starbucks and it was not packed with people, wahoo. 


IMG 6048

IMG 6047


When I first woke up it was actually foggy and you couldn't even see the Space Needle, but by the time I returned to get to the airport you could start to see in peeking out behind the clouds...

IMG 6049

Only in Seattle :) 

The plane ride home seemed to go faster than the train had the day before, and we got to go to our favorite restaurant on the way home from the airport. All in all it was a bit of a long trek home, but no major problems. I was definitely ready to sleep for a long time and even though I did tutor the next day I think I was in a daze because I can't remember much at all of what I did with the kid ha ha. 

It's been over a week since we got home though and I think I'm finally back on East Coast time and in a good routine. I miss everyone though and hope to have a trip back sometime in the future!


  1. Great recap! That is awesome that you got to spend the day w/ Anais and Olle! How fun! And yes, we need to do a reunion trip sometime. Maybe we can meet in the middle somewhere!

    I am glad you got to see a bit more of Seattle on that morning of your flight. I really loved Seattle and it sounds like I'll be returning for work which makes me very happy!! :)

  2. I am very jealous of your trip. Sounds exciting and relaxing!

  3. This post made me feel melancholy, can we please go back to that weekend?? Haha! I'm so glad you got to spend the day with Anais and I think it's funny because I'm not sure if you know this or if I ever told you this but Anais is how I found YOUR blog in the first place a long long time ago! Full circle or what?

    OK, time for Anais or Lisa to get married so we can all be together again :) I'm glad you guys loved the Rockwater and thought it was beautiful and the food was good!! I knew that people would think the big trip was worth it once they got there!! Haha. MISS YOU! (and Boston Rob!)

  4. I love the Pacific Northwest! And I happen to think that people that are from here are spoiled.

    Next time you should visit the Island!!!! It's insanely gorgeous!!!!