Sunday, July 15, 2012

Seattle Love

I'm on the plane now and I can't remember exactly where I left off, so how about Seattle? After three full days in Washington, it was finally time to actually see downtown Seattle. We started in the most likely place to start any Seattle trip, the space needle.

It was a short elevator ride up to the top and there were gorgeous views, especially of Mount Rainier which is definitely the coolest part of the Seattle skyline.

After the space needle, we headed over to Pikes Place Market. We were a little disappointed to learn that many of the shops were closed for July 4th, but it was still a really cool area to check out.

One of the famous things to see in Pikes Place is one of the fish stands where they throw fish. Since the fish stand was closed, Eric just pretended to intercept a fish...

Also while we were down there we checked out Pikes Brewery and the original Starbucks which was too crowded to actually step inside of.

Our last tourist fun for the day involved a Seattle Underground tour. Apparently, much of downtown Seattle used to be under where it is now, so there are hallways and rooms that used to be stores underground. On the real sidewalks now you can see the skylights to the rooms below.

We had a funny tour guide and it was interesting to learn more about the history of Seattle.
Since it was July 4th, we headed to South Lake Union Park to watch the fireworks. It was super busy but the fireworks were beautiful to see...

Overall I think Seattle is definitely up there as one of my favorite cities. I'll talk more about it when I revisit it on our last day, but it's so clean and beautiful especially on a sunny day. We were lucky we had Ash to drive us around though because it does seem like a city that is a little tricky to get around... Maybe that's just my take though :)

Have you ever been to Seattle? What did you think? What is your favorite city?


  1. Well, I have been to Seattle twice and learned some things in this post - like I didn't know about the underground part of the city! Also, I love the picture of Eric faking catching a fish! Gosh I miss you guys!

    I really liked Seattle. It's a clean, beautiful city. I did not like the falling down, getting lost, and getting followed by a weirdo part. Ha. But besides that craptastic last day, it is an awesome city to visit. I really liked it when Amber and I were there in the fall as it was quieter (like not much of a line at the original starbucks). :)

  2. I used to live in Seattle and love the city- sad to see so many things were closed/busy when you were there!

  3. Seattle looks amazing!!! I'm going on an Alaskan Cruise next May/June and it's leaving from Vancouver, but I've convinced my travel party that we need to fly into Seattle and spend some time there first. How much time would you recommend to spend around town?

  4. I'm sad that not much was going on at the market when you guys were there. I LOVE Pike Place and the fish throwing is awesome!! So glad you loved Seattle :)