Friday, July 27, 2012

Does Weather Affect Your Training?

Good morning and Happy Friday! As I mentioned last week, I'll be recapping my tri training each Friday :) 


Week 2

Friday- off

Saturday- Ran 2 miles

Sunday- Swam 40 laps

Monday- Biked 8 miles

Tuesday- off

Wednesday- Ran 2.5 miles

Thursday- Swam intervals- 30 laps


Overall, it was a good week of training. I continue to love swimming, and I continue to try to find people to bike with because I just do not love it and get seriously bored while on my bike haha. Another small issue I ran into at the end of this week was weather. 

I was planning to do a swim/bike combination where I bike to the gym, swim while I'm there and then bike home. I planned out the route because I am terrified of biking on roads (I always go on the path) and I wanted to see how wide the streets were and what intersections I'd be going through. Then I woke up yesterday morning and it was rainy with chances of thunderstorms ALL day. Now, I don't really mind running in that kind of weather because the place I run, I'm never more than half a mile away from my car. However, when biking I could be 8-10 miles away and then have a huge thunderstorm hit and I have no idea what exactly I would do (I could potentially call Eric to get me but where am I going to wait in the meantime?). Yesterday I just decided to do a swim, and then today we have the same weather so I am going to go to yoga. Hopefully next week I'll be able to get in more bike rides to make up for it! 


Next week I'm hoping to get in: 1 bike ride, 1 run, 1 brick (bike/run), and then 2 swims 1 in open water and one in the pool. 

How does weather affect your training? What do you do when the weather is not good? 

What are you up to this weekend? Tell me one fun thing you have planned :)  I have a few fun things planned: visiting my friend who just had a baby, going out to dinner with friends tonight, and Katie's baby shower tomorrow, wahoo! 


  1. The tri training is fascinating to me! I really want to do it someday to cross that off my bucket list, but I'm a very weak swimmer. Lessons will be a definite must for me!

    This weekend I am going to another all day concert on Saturday to see Mat Kearney (my fave!), Train, Neon Trees and a few others. It will be hot, sweaty fun! ;)

    Have a good weekend, Kelly!

  2. Remember when we used to bike together like 3 summers ago? That was fun. Lets do that this fall.

  3. Tri training is so time consuming I find! Haha. And I don't miss biking at all.

    The weather DEFINITELY affects my workouts big time. Like right now it is so hot outside I have not been running or going to hot yoga at all. I've been waking up wanting to go to crossfit so that's what I've been doing :) I'm going to get in a sweaty yoga class tomorrow though because yoga always makes me feel so good!

  4. Weather impacts my workouts in that it makes running VERY difficult for me when it's so hot and humid! Run club keeps me from missing workouts on account of the weather... but if it wasn't for them, I would have skipped my run last weekend (we ran in pouring rain + lightening + thunder), and I wouldn't have ran hills when it was 97 degrees out...

    Your tri training sounds like it's going well, though! I still am tempted to try a tri, but I need to buy a bike first and work on the swimming!

    This weekend I am heading to the lake and I get to see my niece and nephew that live in the Chicago area for the first time since Thanksgiving! I miss them so much so am very excited to see them. I hope the older one remembers me...