Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Love Boston Project: Day Trip to Ogunquit Maine

I bet you thought I possibly gave up/forgot about my I Love Boston Project. I didn't though! I just was a bit busy in there and couldn't do any cool stuff around Boston but I am back to it this summer. I've already done a couple of things I want to write about. Yay! 

Our first adventure in Boston this summer didn't really involve Boston at all, but did involve a nice day trip to Ogunquit Maine. Since I usually am spending a lot of time in the Cape, my experience with Maine is pretty limited but Ogunquit is only about 90 minutes from Boston, maybe even less. 

The drive up to Maine was completely smooth for us. We basically took 95 all the way up, and I love that they have an Easy Pass lane for the toll where you aren't supposed to slow down at all. Awesome. We also drove right to the Perkins Cove area, and had no problem parking. Once we arrived, we decided to eat lunch first. I had done some research on restaurants but I wasn't super successful so we ended up at a place called Jackie's Too which looked awesome, but did not have the best reviews on Yelp. Well, all I can say is we had no complaints at all. 

IMG 6054

The view was amazing, we were literally right on the water and the food was good too. Eric had a soup and a sandwich and I had the lobster roll. I will say that we were pretty early for lunch, so it's possible the service would've been less attentive if it was more busy. Oh well, it was good for us :) 


Before we ate lunch, we actually bought tickets for a boat ride that was leaving in about an hour, so after lunch we headed right over there. The boat company was called Finestkind Scenic Cruises and we took the Nubble Lighthouse Cruise which was an hour and a half. The boat was nice, and we got a nice spot in the front of the boat which is my favorite place to be. While we rode to the lighthouse, we learned a lot about the geography and history of the area. The lighthouse itself was beautiful too...

IMG 6069



IMG 6071

My favorite story about this lighthouse involves a time back when families used to live in the lighthouse in order to run it. Multiple babies were even born out there! But the cool thing was that at one point a little kid who was elementary school aged lived out there, and obviously there is not a school. So, look in this picture below: first look at the lighthouse itself, then look a little below. See that little white swing type of thing below the electrical wires? 

IMG 6066

The kid who lived at the house used to get on that swing/seat type of thing, and his parents would pull him across the ocean so that he could get to school on the mainland. I have always thought it would be really cool to take a boat to school/work in the morning but even cooler riding on some kind of crazy swing type of thing across water to get to school. Cool. Apparently, the coast guard got wind of this arrangement and was not happy about it, but it sounds pretty cool to me. 

After the boat ride, we got some ice cream and then headed over to check out the only pedestrian operated draw bridge in the country: 

IMG 6056


IMG 6085

The coolest part was that Eric and I got to actually raise the bridge for a sailboat going through. Such a cool experience!

IMG 6091




IMG 6098

I'm still a bit amazed that they actually let people like me operate this thing, but hey!

Our last adventure in Ogunquit was to do a beautiful walk called Marginal Way. It begins in Perkin's Cove and is a nice path that follows along the beautiful rocky shoreline. IMG 6103


IMG 6106

On the way back to the car, I played with my camera in a beautiful garden...

IMG 6116

IMG 6114

IMG 6110


I love trips. Even if they don't involve an overnight stay :) 

Where is your favorite place to day trip? 

I'm hoping to see a bit more of Maine this summer, so stay tuned. 














  1. Wow! What a beautiful area. You guys are so good about taking in the areas around you. That boat tour sounds cool. And riding to school on a zip line type of thing? That sounds really awesome. Must have been a brave kid!!

    I really do not take day trips ever... I am sure there are some around me, but I just never think to do things like that. It would require an overnight stay, but I would like to go up to Duluth and do some hiking some time, but I just need to find someone to go with me! I will go to Paris alone but don't feel super comfortable hiking alone. I think I'd be fine so I shoudl just do it..

  2. Seriously, everyday that boy would get on the swing and "fly" across the water to school?! HOW COOL! The lengths people will go for an education. haha, that's a good thing!
    I would love to go to MAine sometime. My best friend went to camp there all throughout high school and her pictures were always amazing.

  3. looks like such a fun place to visit! one of the reasons I love Boston so much is for all the places within driving distance!

  4. Yay! I loooooved Ogunquit when I went. So beautiful! Sounds like you guys had a great day :) Next weekend I'm taking a day trip to the Hamptons/montauk area, which I've always been curious about since my roommate talked about it so much.

  5. FUN! I laughed about the pedestrian draw bridge. That may concern me a little if I was driving the boat. haha.

    I like day trips but can sometimes find them kind of tiring. Yesterday we drove up to Sun Peaks (about an hour away) and went hiking, for lunch and then golfing with friends in the afternoon. It was a super fun day but after being outside in the sun all day I did NOT want to drive the hour home and I was super exhausted last night and again this morning! BUT I did comment to Eric on our way back down that I really enjoyed getting away and out of our normal routine for the day!

  6. I remember your pictures on Twitter of this trip! They were stunning!

    We could take day trips to Kansas City, Omaha or Minneapolis, but both would involve 4-8 hours of driving that day. I do, however, take small weekend trips and Minneapolis, Kansas City and Chicago are among my faves! Other than that... in Iowa, there really isn't much to see! I hate saying that, but it's really true!

    I cannot wait to explore New England someday, it is on my bucket list for sure!

  7. I love that something like that is so close to you! :o)

    As for me, I've yet to find a favourite day trip in Vancouver. They're all amazing!!!

    PS: the Husband is doing the Grind first thing tomorrow morning