Friday, July 6, 2012

Love for the Pacific Northwest

The big Kelly and Eric Summer 2012 trip is well underway and I thought I'd take a few minutes to blog about some of my adventures so far. We arrived in Seattle last Saturday night/Sunday morning and were picked up at the airport by my college roommate Ashley who is originally from Seattle and flew out to show us around and hang out. On Sunday we got a late start on the day and headed straight for Safeco Field to watch the Red Sox vs. Mariners game.

It was actually a good game that the Sox ended up winning and I loved Safeco. I thought our tickets were going to be similar to the bleachers at Fenway (not great) but we had a pretty good view of everything going on. Plus they even sold wine which was amazing because I could tell my stomach was not going to tolerate beer after the plane ride the night before. Another cool thing was when the grounds crew started doing a dance in the middle of cleaning up. Hilarious.

After the game we headed to one of Seattle's many, many breweries called Pyramid Brewery.

Finally, it was time to eat dinner. We met up with one of our friends from college, Ryan, at an amazing pizza place called Via Tribunali. Apparently it's a Seattle based chain, and I would highly recommend a visit there. Since we were early we were able to get a Happy Hour special and my marinara pizza was only five dollars. Triple score.
While we ate dinner, we told Ryan about some of our plans for the week and he mentioned an 11 mile hike that we should do. Eric and I love hiking but I still dismissed the hike as being a slightly crazy idea. This will be important later...
Stay tuned for more fun on the Olympic Peninsula and downtown Seattle hopefully at some point this weekend. If you have any favorite activities in Vancouver, get your recommendations in to me now :)

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  1. Your Seattle trip got off to a great start! I love that you were able to take in a Red Sox game!

    A marinara pizza for $5? Sweet!