Monday, July 11, 2016

6 Years

Hello all! I'm testing out blogging from my new Chromebook. Last week my beloved Mac died after only 4 years and they estimated me at $400 to fix it. Since I have Backblaze that automatically backs up all my data, I decided not to fix it and to get a Chromebook for $158 including taxes. I've been using google for more and more at both home and work, so I figured I was up for the challenge. So far I'm loving it! I do think my photos are going to be a little smaller though, since I can't do Mars Edit anymore. Since I have a couple of things I want to blog about in the upcoming weeks I figured I'd test out a post with a few photos. 

Yesterday was Eric and my 6 Year Anniversary! <3 div="">

I was another good and busy year in our lives, but probably nothing compared to the year ahead... I'm a little scared! Last night we went out to eat at our favorite Cape Cod restaurant, where we also had our rehearsal dinner 6 years plus a few days ago. 
It was fun to enjoy a leisurely dinner without worrying about whether Max was going to decide he was "all done" after 5 minutes. Thanks to my parents for babysitting :) 

I will hopefully be back soon for a 2.5 year post for Max and maybe at least one pregnancy update. 


  1. Happy anniversary and welcome back! I am glad you found a new computer that was inexpensive! It sucks that your mac died after only 4 years.

    I am glad you guys got to enjoy a kid-free anniversary dinner!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Since getting my new Macbook Air I decided not to get the microsoft suite and have been using Google Drive for ALL my documents and I. Love. It! Love being able to easily access everything at work or on other computers or my phone - so convenient!

    Glad you guys had a great anniversary and I'm looking forward to more posts soon :)