Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 in Review

Happy 2016 friends! I didn’t blog much in 2015, but here is what I was up to instead: 


IMG 2236  1

Rang in the New Year in Florida. Celebrated Max’s first birthday! Attempted but failed at a Mile a Day challenge. Got sick a lot. Tried to study for a work related test by waking up early but ultimately had my mother in law watch Max and crammed as much as I could. 


IMG 1628

Took the work test and I passed, wahoo! Super fun trip to Savannah Georgia! Had one million snow days. Went a little bit crazy. 


IMG 2364

Visited the Cape with our BFF family. Celebrated 10 years of togetherness (Eric and I) in Portland, Maine. Tried to pretend the snow was gone. Somewhere around this month (maybe it was February? Or April?) I started working out with Eric 2x per week and kept it up all year, wahoo!


IMG 2438 2

Returned the park. Spent a lot of time at all parks. Stopped nursing Max after 15 months! Watched my sister and college roommate run the marathon! Spent April vacation at the Cape. Met Baby Katherine my best friend’s second baby. Max learned how to give hugs. 


Ate dinner at Flatbread with friends and 3 kids. Took the train to Boston Common. Visited Uncle Jake’s apartment in Boston. Celebrated my grandmother’s 90th birthday!


IMG 3402

Celebrated Eric’s grandmother’s 90th birthday! Celebrated my 31st birthday. Saw Tim McGraw in concert. Eric and I traveled to Washington and Oregon, and Max stayed at the Cape for the week. Met long time blog/teacher friend in Portland. 


IMG 4675

Walked to the jetty almost nightly. Went to Max’s first outdoor concert with friends. Rode on merry go rounds. Celebrated my mom’s birthday at a beach bar. Visited the zoo. Rode on a boat or two. 


IMG 5347

Soaked up time together. Had lots of play dates. Walked on the beach. Bought my own paddle board. Tried to avoid the August breakdown. 


IMG 4220

Max started school! Danced at another wedding. Took lots of walks. Disliked the beginning of the year with K kids. Looked forward to December vacation...


IMG 6440

Went to Maine for a family trip. Celebrated a college friend’s bachelorette party! Tailgated the BC football game. Visited the real llama at the farm. Saw Lisa!


IMG 7553  1

Threw a surprise party for my mother in law. Served Max mac and cheese for Thanksgiving dinner. Max had multiple ear infections among other sicknesses. Max climbed out of the crib at 3am and knocked on our bedroom door. 

DecemberIMG 8021

Got a 5 day fever. Read a lot of books. Took Max to visit Elmo and Santa. Attended a wedding at Boston Public Library. Santa came! Took the side off Max’s crib. Enjoyed vacation at the Cape. 

To sum up: A tiny bit easier and a lot less eventful than last year. Lots of wine and beer. Way too much sickness. A lovely family and wonderful friends. Very grateful. 


  1. Great summary! Here's hoping for a healthier and less sleep deprived 2016!

  2. Ugh I'm sorry to hear about all the sickness you dealt with last year - both you and Max! I hope you are both a lot healthier this year, I'm sure that will make the year overall go a lot better. I can't believe Max crawled out of his crib and knocked on your door at 3am!!!! That's crazy! haha.

    Hope 2016 is an awesome year for you guys!!

  3. I hope that this is a healthy year for all of you and that you have less snow! I don't want to jinx it by saying this but so far this winter has been pretty good (although I can see that subzero weather is coming in about a week - boo).

    I have to say that it's kind of funny that Max crawled out of his crib and knocked on your door. I mean the knocking part was very polite. ;) I was surprised to hear that my sister already moved my niece Evelyn to a big girl bed (she is about a week younger than Max). Some of my nephews stayed in their cribs until they were 3! But I guess every kid is different and Evie must be good about staying put!

  4. What a great recap! Best line:

    "Max climbed out of the crib at 3am and knocked on our bedroom door."

    Happy New Year my friend!

  5. You blogged! YAY! I also lol'ed at the line about Max climbing out of his crib and knocking on your door at 3am. Funny to an outsider, not funny to you I'm sure. Hope 2016 is off to a good start for you :)

  6. What a wonderful year you've had ! Hope 2016 will be another great year for you and family ^^

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