Monday, January 5, 2015

Top 10 in 2014

I'm a little late, but I didn't want to skip a Top Moments of 2014 post. I'm normally not without words, but when I try to describe the past year, I can't figure out how to do it. Can I just say it had some wonderful moments and some really hard moments? Here are some of my favorites: 

*As always, if the photo looks professional, you can thank Caroline. 

Meeting Max. You knew that was coming right? 

IMG 3150

Introducing Max to the many, many important people in his life. He has many family members and friends that love him :) We got so many visits, and we met up with so many people. It was fun!

IMG 5187

Celebrating my 30th Birthday on a boat in Boston Harbor. We also celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary on a boat in Boston Harbor, which was also a top moment. Let's just say, drinking beer on boats in Boston Harbor? 

IMG 5274

Mini Speed Boats also in Boston Harbor. There is a boat theme in my favorite things from this year. 


IMG 5337

Zac Brown Concert at Fenway Park

IMG 5683

Nightly Walks with Eric and Max. Or daily, or multiple times a day… ha ha. I also loved nightly story time. There is beauty in the routine. 

IMG 1873

Introducing Max to the many things and places we love. From our many Cape Cod adventures, to swimming lessons, to travel, to…everything really. 


IMG 0793

Jet skiing with dolphins in Florida. There was a LOT challenging about this trip… but I think it was probably all worth it for this 2 hour period. 

IMG 0671

The Kindergarten Kiddos. My thoughts on my job in 2014 were complicated. I guess you could say I had a love/hate relationship with it. It frustrated me. It saved my sanity. But my love for the kiddos did not change (though they also sometimes frustrate me, ha). I loved how invested they became in Max- they would interrupt my lessons to ask how he was doing. They drew him pictures and wrote him notes. Plus, they just continued to be 5 and 6. They told funny stories, they asked irrelevant questions. One struggled with his letters at the beginning of the year and then was a good sport when I forced him to do daily letter activities (several per day) until he learned all of them (in 1 month, amazing!) Another worked on writing his number 5 during play time. One said to me today, "I waited ALL vacation to give you this picture I made you. I missed school SO MUCH!" Love. 

Reading. I owe you guys a post of my favorite books from 2014. I read a lot more than I expected to this year and reading seriously kept me sane as I nursed for 1 billion hours and tried to fall back to sleep after middle of the night wakings. I might have gone a little crazy without my books! 

2014 was a good year, but I'm looking forward to an even better 2015! :) 


  1. You had some awesome moments in 2014! Can't wait to see what 2015 brings for you :)

  2. I forgot to include the Boston Harbor boat tour in mine!! Anyways, love this. You had some great moments in 2014! I also agree that the dolphin jet skiing made everything that week 100% worth it haha. Here's to 2015!

  3. Wow, 2014 was an awesome year for you guys! I love the stories about the kids you teach! I am sure it's a challenging job but it's good that you have small moments that make it all worth the frustrations along the way!

    I'll be curious to see what makes your list for favorite books!

  4. "There is beauty in the routine." Love this. Also, it's crazy to me that Max isn't one yet. On one hand it seems like this year has gone so quickly, but on the other I feel like he's just been a part of your life for so long - he just fits in so seamlessly!

  5. I really started to find the beauty in routine in 2014. The beauty of quiet nights puttering around the house, cooking and reading. It's so nice and something I crave now!

    That is so hilarious and cute your kindergarten kid's interrupt you to ask about Max! I love it!

  6. You have so much to be grateful for in 2014 - such a full life you lead!

  7. Love the pictures, that we both saw Zac Brown Band this year, that we both managed to get to Florida and also, how happy you are in all these pictures. These kinds of posts make me smile :)

  8. Lots of fun stuff you managed to cram in there!

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