Friday, October 31, 2014

Max: 9 Months

I have like 600 posts started but not finished at the moment. So, let's just talk about Max, because that I'll actually finish. I hope. 

First, Max's stats as of 9 1/2 months: 

Height: 28 inches (25% percentile, was 20% at 6 month appointment)

Weight: 19 1/2 lbs (45% percentile, was 50% at 6 month appointment)

I'm glad to see his height and weight start to move toward each other, so we don't have a short and fat baby- ha ha! 

Can we even call him a baby anymore? Look how big and grown up he is: 

Winn 141019 0725

Max continues to be a happy guy, who loves being on the move. When I dare try to stop him to do something necessary like changing his diaper, I immediately become his least favorite person. The only way to stop the whining and crying is to burst into "Itsy Bitsy Spider" which is entertaining enough for him to sit still and enjoy the sweet sound of mom's off key voice. 

Winn 141019 0726

In addition to having a favorite song, he also has a clear favorite book "Little Blue Truck" which my mom, Eric and I have been reading to him since he was a little baby. It's to the point now where he pays very little attention to books at our bedtime story time, unless we are reading about the Little Blue Truck, in which case he will sit attentively. I wonder if I just say "Beep! Beep! Beep!" at the beginning of any book he would be fooled?

Winn 141019 0755

Max's other favorite part of story time is when I leave to go start his bath. He climbs up on Eric so he can see where I'm going and then thinks it's hilarious when I try to sneak back into the room. I then leave again to get his towel ready, come back in, Max dies laughing. I leave again to get his diaper read, come back in, Max dies laughing. Repeat. It's a pretty fun game. 

Max had his last swimming lesson the other day. He got a certificate which I tried to get a picture of below. Max LOVES swimming, splashing, watching me blow bubbles and even the slide into the water (with some help of course). But, we aren't going to do swimming next session. Our weekends have just been crazy and the kid needs me to not wake him up from every nap he takes, so… I'll wait until maybe he drops the morning nap entirely, or at least the time of it becomes more consistent and then we will do swimming again. 

Winn 141019 0606

Max's had some firsts this month including his first BC football game… well mostly the tailgate, but thats the best part in my opinion.

BC Football 10

Tonight in his first Halloween!

Winn 141019 0655

Likes: giant water bottles (actually all water bottles), trying to pull the carbon monoxide detector out of the wall (don't worry, it's in a safe outlet and makes an insane noise when it is moved so he can't do too much damage), trying to pull things off the wall in general, dancing (rocking back and forth to the music), climbing… almost everything really

Dislikes: getting his diaper changed, getting clothes put on and off, staying still

Eating: Nursing 3x a day, getting 1 bottle of pumped milk, eating 4 solid meals. Yes 4. He loves almost all food, especially oatmeal, pears is still a favorite, yogurt as well. Enjoys the inside of dumplings at Japanese and Chinese restaurants. 

Sleeping: He goes to bed around 8:15 and wakes up between 6:30-7, if all is going as planned. This weekend we change the clocks so…. who knows when all will go to plan again! 

Thanks for reading about Max… I'll be back at 10 months! It's hard to believe how close to 1 he really is! :) 


  1. I love his Halloween costume! Adorable. And yes, he certainly looks like a little person, less like a baby, especially in the first picture.

    I also love that you guys do REAL things with your child, like you know, living your life. It's awesome. If I ever become a parent, I want to be like you!

  2. Max is ridiculously cute! Just wait until Max starts making the sounds that each of the animals make in Little Blue Truck - man, we read that book to death. Loved it!

  3. It's so fun watching Max go from being a baby to being a KID! He's adorable and I adore his shark costume.

  4. He is so darn cute! He is definitely starting to look that baby look - it's crazy how fast they change. It sounds like he is such a happy little guy. I love that he has a favorite book!

  5. He's a cutie. I almost signed Isla up for a hoppers class at teh community center but it was at 9:00 on Saturday's and I feel like I have not had a saturday to relax in forever and so why would adding a class in that mix help? Poor kid. ha. Also Isla loved the egg drop soup from chinese restaurants and all the toppings off of pizza's and nachos! ha

  6. He's such a cutie! It feels like you just had him...where has time gone?

  7. Your little guy is really, really adorable! Great pics!