Thursday, February 14, 2013


Hello all- and Happy Valentine's Day. My day at work was the WORST. My class this year + sugar + excitement = disaster. Luckily, I got home from work, went for a run with Eric and felt infinitely happier. I have the best valentine. 

Tomorrow afternoon marks the beginning of a February Staycation for Eric and I. For the past 3 years on February vacation we have journeyed off to Sedona. Unfortunately, the trip wasn't in the budget this year, so we are going to miss it a lot. It's always a really relaxing trip and breaks up the terrible winter weather we get up here. But, on the other hand, it's nice to not have to worry about getting on a plane, spending money, etc. I was actually a lot more excited about staying home this vacation before I was basically stranded at home for 4 days last weekend because we got close to 30 inches of snow, but anyway! Let's hope that doesn't happen this week!

One of the reasons I like to go somewhere over vacation is that I'm terrible at staying home. When I'm home, but don't have to work, I feel obligated to get crap done around the house. But this vacation I REALLY need a break (yes I realize I just had a vacation 2 months ago, but if you dealt with even the first 10 minutes of my day today, you would understand, I promise). I do have to do a little bit of work unfortunately, but I don't want to spend the rest of my vacation "getting stuff done" and/or feeling guilty if I don't get stuff done. SO, I'm setting a plan of things I want to do… fun things and not so fun things. Then, that's all I'm holding myself to. There will be no other expectations for myself. That is all. Hold me to this please. 


Not-so-fun Things: 

1. Finish report cards. Who planned conferences right after vacation? I hate them. 

2. Clean my car. 

3. Clean off my desk. 

4. Clean out my inbox. 


Fun Things: 

1. Finish reading Little Women. I like this book, so why is it taking me SO long to read? 

2. Go to yoga twice. 

3. See at least 3 friends. 

4. Plan our trip for this summer. Buy plane tickets. 


Do you ever take Staycations? Are you as bad at relaxing as I am? Haha, I hope not! 


  1. You most definitely deserve a relaxing vacation! I hope you stay true to your word and make this a relaxing, restorative week! I haven't had a staycation since the fall of 2009, but I really enjoyed that staycation as I saw so many friends, got so much done around my place, and felt really relaxed at the end! I am bad at relaxing, too, so I think planning to relax is a good plan for people like you and me. ;)

  2. I agree Kelly, when I stay home for vacations I just work on crossing things off my to-do list (just like I do on my days off...). I think it's smart to get in the mindset of relaxing and ENJOYING your vacation for what it is...a vacation!! Get what you have to get done, then just have fun!

  3. I love staycations! Light some candles, get your jammies on and snuggle up with a book!

  4. I love extra time at home to relax, but I totally agree with you about feeling obligated to do things and why having too much time at home can turn bad. It sounds like you're already having tons of fun on vacation though so yay : )

  5. First, I have to point out how WEIRD Boston is for having a week long vacation in February. When I moved there in middle school, I thought it was bizarre and never really got over that feeling. I learned it had to do with heating costs way back in the day and they never got rid of the week off, because so many people like to ski? Not sure how true that is, but nowhere else does that happen! Hope you're enjoying your time off! And I'm much better at relaxing when I'm not at home. When I actually go somewhere without my DVR and laptop, I'm pretty good at unwinding!

  6. I hope you had a lovely vacation!! I like staycations but I tend to have trouble relaxing on them. They are very nice to get things done though! I hope you got your trip planned for this summer!!