Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kelly's Confessions

One of the kiddos I tutor on Tuesdays is making his First Communion this year. Last week was his first experience with Catholic Confession. I enjoy talking to kids about what they say in confession (yeah I know it's supposed to be confidential, oops) because they always come up with the funniest things. This particular child had an awesome list that included stealing his own Halloween candy, bringing his "in class" work home to finish so he wouldn't have to do it during recess and pretending a video game was broken so his sister couldn't play it. I wish I had been more creative when I was in CCD- I think I just said I was mean to my brother and sister every time. I swear I was actually a pretty nice sister overall but frankly I was young and really didn't do *that* much wrong to speak of! I don't really do the Confession thing any more... but I do have some random blog-worthy Confessions for you...

1. I am a little obsessed with Siri, my iPhone personal assistant. Today on the way home from yoga, she helped me change my dinner reservations for this weekend, text my mom to tell her about that change and text Eric back about what the heck we were having for dinner tonight. All this without looking at my phone at all. Once, I told Siri I loved her. She said I was the wind beneath her wings.

2. If it was socially acceptable I would live in yoga pants, leggings, flip flops and Uggs for the rest of my life.

3. Eric can easily convince me to do things I don't want to do if he casually mentions this annoyance is close to one of my favorite restaurants and promises we can go there after. I'm easily manipulated.

4. Even though I am a kindergarten teacher who holds my students to high expectations, I am a terrible student myself. I constantly check my phone, write notes to people around me and get other work done while the teacher is talking. I know, I hate myself sometimes.

5. IBS is the best excuse to never eat a single salad again. I hate salad and luckily, so does my stomach! It seems to love delicious sour dough and/or french bread though... seriously IBS is not all bad.

Do you have any confessions for me today? My lips are sealed :)


  1. I saw a mom with sparky uggs at church this weekend and totally thought of you! :)

    Confession... I am glad Christmas is over... I love the holidays, but they kind of exhaust me. I love the decorations, but I also love when they are put away because my place feels bigger and less cluttered!!

  2. I have salad aversion too. It's something with my pregnancy...I am fine with most foods, but I have NO desire to eat salad at all. I only want warm, cooked veggies.

    I told Mr. Sneaker about the Seattle Summer plan. We still need to wait and see what life is like once baby is here, but I want to try!

  3. Confession: I may be more obsessed with marathon training right now, and thinking about the marathon, than I am about the wedding. The wedding doesn't feel as real and in my defense the marathon is 2 months sooner ;)

    I didn't know your stomach didn't like salads! Interesting! I LOVE salad but only a very specific kind that has goat cheese, pecans, strawberries (or beets), and lemon poppyseed dressing on it. Omg so good. I could eat that salad daily. It's probably not very good FOR me though ;)

  4. OH i love this!
    I had a similar confession about my IBS, while it sucks not being able to eat so many things, it's great to have an excuse not to eat so many things that people make and/or serve to you. I mean, often times I really don't want it, but I don't feel bad because I have "medical reasons" not to eat it. Muahaha
    Another confession is that I secretly crave beer, every night. I crave it like I crave sugar. Keep that one on the DL :)

  5. Confession: I DO live in yoga pants, leggings, and (knock-off) Uggs! Even at work, I just throw a sweater dress over my wunder unders... but I have an excuse, right??

  6. I had NO idea Siri could do all of that. I think I'm going to have to run over my iPhone with my car so I can upgrade! :oP