Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pre-Christmas Excitement

I'm so happy another weekend has arrived :) I hope I can survive one more week of work next week before vacation. It seems like it should be easiest to survive the week before vacation but with children involved, it's the hardest week of the year! Way too much excitement all around. There are some exciting things to look forward to though- our winter concert is on Friday and I love listening to all the kids sing. Then, we will be sharing an awesome slideshow completed entirely by my amazing classroom assistant with the parents. She scanned in the kids drawing/writing about their family traditions and then she recorded their voices saying what they wrote.

Yesterday I had the following conversation with one of my girls. She LOVES fashion and always wears crazy outfits with even crazier accessories.

G: What are you doing after school today?

me: Actually, I'm going to a party for teachers.

G: Are you going to wear... that? (looks my outfit up and down)

me: haha, no I was going to go home and change first.

G: Oh good... you should wear a dress.

Haha. Nothing better than having your Friday casual outfits insulted by a 6 year old. I'm hoping when I wear my sparkly Uggs next Friday she will change her opinion on my wardrobe completely. She may even want to borrow them.

In other fun kid news, I had my annual (well second year in a row) Gingerbread Decorating Party for some of my former students. As always, I can't show pictures of the kids, but I took some others.

The Pre-Party Set Up:


Amazing Kiddo Creations:




Oh and of course, my husband the marshmallow gun master:


Good times. Even with an all out candy war, the clean up was still easy thanks to my mom's disposable table cloth and the help of the kids who basically found all the run away candy (let's hope).

Do you have any holiday season traditions?


  1. haha omg a marshmellow gun? can we bring this out on Christmas eve??

  2. I think it is awesome that you do that for your former students. They must adore you! Well, not because of the party, of course. Just in general. And Eric is hilarious!

    My holiday tradition is an adult gingerbread decorating party!

  3. HOW FUN!!! Can I be invited to your gingerbread house decorating party next year?! Not only do I Want to decorate, but I want to have a marshmallow gun fight as well :)
    Good luck surviving the week. It will be so fun of happy kids that it will go by fast. I'm actually surprised you don't get off before Friday. Our schools here do. Sorry, not to rub it in. But I am definitely surprised!

  4. I believe it that the week before Christmas is crazy! The kids must be SO excited. I'm surprised there not out of school already. Most of my coworkers are off this week because their kids got off last Friday!

    We don't really have any holiday traditions yet, other than ones around Christmas itself, like breakfast at my mom's, dinner at my grandma's and spending Christmas Eve with Eric's family. Eric and I usually try to exchange gifts on our own too which is why we did it on Thursday night!

  5. lol, kids are so funny, I love the weird stuff they say!
    They're kinda like this in middle school, but not near as cute. On Friday I was subbing in a PE class (I finally did it!) and I wore normal gym clothes and sneakers which made me look even younger than I already look! Well, a girl was standing next to me during 6th period and she goes, "So, are you like, a wannabe teacher or something?" I burst out laughing and was like, "yeah, I guess you could say that!" ;)

    Earlier this year I would have been offended. Now, it's just funny!

  6. That looks like fun!!! My girlfriends and I have an annual gingerbread house decorating party. You're never too old for playing with and eating candy!

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