Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Spooky Halloween

It has been a very, very weird Halloween in good ol' Massachusetts.


It's October 30th. OCTOBER... not December, not January, not February, not even March. OCTOBER.

Yesterday started out like a normal October day. It was actually sunny and pretty cold. I had my class on teaching English Language Learners. It's 6 1/2 hours of class sitting in a windowless room, so even while I was checking the weather on my iPhone, I remained pretty oblivious. When I left class it was raining and I headed home to work out. After teaching for almost 6 years, I am seriously incapable of sitting for a day, which is good because according to Caroline it is not at all good for you.

My original Halloween plan was to meet some coworkers at a bar for a little bit and then head to my friend Sarah's house. Once the snow began and I drove to my friend's house to borrow a costume, I realized that I was pushing it even attending one party. It's really not normal to be worried about snow when celebrating Halloween. That's okay though- it ended up being much more relaxed just grabbing some food with Eric and then heading to Sarah's early.


I was an Oreo cookie- a costume made by my super talented friend for her daughter a couple of years ago. Amazing... especially for me who simply had to carry the costume in a bag, throw it over my head and I was good to go.



We headed home pretty early and thank goodness we did, the drive home was scary! The biggest problem was the trees down everywhere. However, when I went to bed last night, my yard was okay. Not so when I woke up this morning though. My favorite tree in my yard, a beautiful birch tree, was broken in two spots and other huge branches were down too.

So what did Eric and I do today? Went out in search of a chainsaw and spent the rest of the day doing damage control. Mainly Eric did this but I did shovel the walk way (can't have any Trick or Treaters slipping!) and move some branches to one pile. Eric mastered all things chainsaw.



Sigh. On a positive note, we still have power and hopefully still have school tomorrow (I'm not ready to start on the snow days in October). On a super positive note, we went to dinner with my parents at the best Italian restaurant ever. On super duper positive note, I get to wear pink pajamas to work tomorrow because my school is really weird and while the kids don't wear costumes to school, the teachers do...

I'll be Mercy Watson


Now if only I can make it through this week with Halloween on Monday... whoever decided Halloween would always be on October 31st rather than always be on a Friday or Saturday night was clearly not a teacher. Just sayin'

How was your weekend? Did you dress up for Halloween? What was the best costume you saw this weekend?


  1. I LOVE your costume!!! Eric should have been a glass of milk..with a milk mustache!

    I cant believe you got that much snow.

  2. I love that you were an OREO!!! There are way too many slutty costumes on Halloween and I always find it refreshing when girls aren't half naked! :oP

    No dress up for me but I did dress up Daisy (photos to come on the blog)!

  3. I am not looking forward to tomorrow. Conferences last week WORE ME OUT and I have been exhausted all weekend...I need one more day to recover!

  4. We got some snow in NY too -- it's WAY too early for this!

    Your costume is super, super cute!

  5. That oreo cookie costume is hilarious! I love it!

    I can't believe all the snow you guys got! That's crazy!! Hopefully it melts and doesn't stick around. We are supposed to get snow on Friday :( Boo!

  6. I can't get over all that snow!! I mean, WOW! I've been watching it on the news and I'm just speechless. Nick and I raked leaves for 2 hours yesterday, and meanwhile you and Eric and fighting with SNOW! Crazy.
    I love your homemade Oreo outfit (yes, your friend must be very creative!). Nick and I didn't do any Halloween parties or anything, just dinner with a friend. No dressing up for us, we're so boring!

  7. That oreo costume rocks!! I can not believe you guys got snow this weekend. :( What a buzz killer. So annoying. It's way too early for that kind of crap.

    I had a great weekend. I did very little since I am trying to get over this bug that leveled me last week. I did alot of reading and lounging and napping. Yesterday I went to my run club's end of the year party, which was fun. Half of the people showed up in costumes, but I did not even CONSIDER partaking in that because I am just NOT a costume or Halloween person. At all.

  8. That is some craaaaaaazy October weather. Yuck. Glad you had some fun, but got home safe. Cute cookie costume!

  9. Weather. Crazy. Annoying.

    Best halloween costume.. hmm I saw a lot of good ones. Jimmys friends got really into it. Best one? Wheres waldo. So simple, yet so good

  10. if they would change halloween to a saturday i would forever be grateful.

  11. Totally agree- Halloween should be on a Friday or Saturday every year! The kids were craaaazy on Monday...and on Tuesday too!