Sunday, May 4, 2014

Great Grandmothers

I have probably mentioned before that Max has FOUR wonderful grandparents who love him very much (and love to babysit, yay!). But what I did not mention is that Max has FOUR great grandmothers (and one great grandfather) who also love him very much. He is such a lucky guy. 

The first is named Nana, one of the several "Nanas" in Max's life. She is my dad's mom. Nana has an incredible memory and always tells us great stories. When Max went to visit her and slept most of the time, she told us a story about when my dad was born. Apparently, after a few weeks, my grandfather said, "when is he going to DO something?" ha ha. 


Photo  97

Max also visited another Nana, Eric's mom's mom. She lives in a nursing home and when we went to visit her, it was clear she had been eagerly awaiting our visit. Basically everyone who worked there was like "where's the baby?" "is this Max?!" She also had several pictures of Max up on her wall. Max was famous before he even arrived. 

IMG 3468

Eric's other grandmother, his dad's mom, goes by "Grammy." Grammy made Max a beautiful blue blanket that he loves. She also gave him a bottle on Easter, and he was very happy to take it from her. This may not seem like a big accomplishment but Max is very resistant to the bottle and will only take it from certain people in certain environments that he likes :) 

Photo  98

Finally, the last great-grandmother that Max went to visit is my mom's mom. She lives in Connecticut, so Max got to experience his first trip out of the state! In Connecticut he got to meet Grandma, Grandpa and my aunt Paula :) Of all of Max's great-grandmothers, Grandma is the only one who has no other great-grandchildren. When we told her that she is a great grandma now, she said "Don't tell anyone!" ha ha. 

IMG 0957

Grandparents and great-grandparents are the best! 



  1. Wow Max is one super lucky great grandson : )

  2. That is so sweet! What wonderful photos and memories to treasure forever. I was incredibly blessed and had a great-grandma until I was 22 years old! Lots of people could not believe that I had a GG at that age. She even got to be a great-great grandma a couple of times.

    Grandparents really are the best!

  3. Wow, that is amazing that he has so many great grandparents. I love that he was already famous among the grandma in the nursing home's group of friends. Your grandparents all look great, Eric's dad's mom does not look like a great grandma! She looks so young!

  4. What a sweet post. I love all of this :) Such a lucky guy to have so much love for him.

  5. Love the last photo of the three generations of women with Max looking up at his great grandma! Really impressive Max has so many grandmas and great grandmas to love on him. He's one lucky kid!