Friday, May 30, 2014

Trying Out iPhone Blogging

Since I really have no time on my computer at the moment but lots of time in my phone, I'm testing out the idea of blogging on my phone. If I like it, I may be able to check in more often :) 

It's Friday so how about 5 random things? 

1. I went back to yoga last night even though I'm not really supposed to. It was an outside class, free and my favorite teacher so I broke the diastasis recti rules. It was amazing. 

2. I realized I read Harry Potter ten years ago so I am rereading it. One of my students is also reading it. One of us is advanced and it's obviously me. 

3. The end of the school year is not my favorite. Way too many items on the to-do list. 

4. My sister is the best photographer ever. 

5. I get to "meet"Becky this weekend. I'd link to her but my phone doesn't do that. So excited!! 

What are you up to this weekend? 


  1. I actually blogged my entire Paris trip on my phone. It wasn't ideal but it worked out pretty well! I didn't figure out hyperlinking either. I hope phone blogging works for you! :)

    That is awesome that you have a student that is reading HP! My nephew Andrew is reading it and it makes me want to re-read it so I can talk about it with him. But he is on like book 5 I think so I would have a lot of catching up to do!!

    Have so much fun meeting Becky in person! You two will love each other! I am spending my weekend unpacking and getting settled back in! :)

  2. You have a student reading HP?! Wow!! I've hooked a few kids on that series this year. :) I think it's time for a reread for me too!!

  3. I cannot believe you had a child reading Harry Potter!!

  4. THOSE EYES!!!! (I'm sorry, did you say something?)

  5. I already saw on instagram that you and Becky and Max had a great meeting! So glad you got together! I need to re-read Harry Potter! I've read the whole series twice, but haven't for a couple of years now!