Saturday, May 24, 2014

Max: Four Months!

Max turned 4 months on Saturday May 17th. Max is just filled with adorableness these days. It's hard to believe that I ever wanted to skip the baby phase and just have a 5 year old. It's also hard to believe that I have already packed up so many clothes that don't fit him anymore. We also returned Tiff's beloved Rock N Play last week because Max is too big for it, and she needs it back for her baby boy who will be born in a few weeks!

So, what can Max do these days? 

He can look cute!

Winn 140521 6622

Ha ha. He is also "talking" a lot more. Think: goo, goo, ga, ga. We say he is telling us stories about his day. Occasionally he sounds a little angry during these stories, but mostly just happy. I guess sometimes people do things that really piss him off… probably his mean mummy :) 

Max and I have been practicing taking photos of ourselves. It's pretty hilarious. 

Photo 1  35

Luckily, we have Caroline to take actual photos of us. 

 Winn 140518 6528

He also has a little bit of troublemaker in him (not surprising). We found out the other day that he has been rolling over for my parents since May 8th and refused to show this new skill to Eric or I until yesterday! Stinker. 

Winn 140518 6590

In general he is just interacting with us a lot more. He gives a lot of smiles, talking and just looking at everyone and everything. He is taking it all in. 

Winn 140518 6546

Likes: sticking out his tongue, laughing at others sticking out their tongues, babbling, doing back bends, grabbing hair, putting everything in his mouth, car rides, music, kicking things

Dislikes: napping in his crib, napping in general, being tired due to refusing to nap

Feeding: Max's feeding has pretty much remained the same since 2-3 weeks old. He eats every 3 hours basically during the day. It still takes him a lifetime to eat, but now that I'm back at work I don't mind this because it gives me a great excuse to hang out on the couch for the vast majority of the night. I guess the only change is that he is getting more distracted while eating, particularly if something interesting is happening around him. 

Sleeping: I can't complain at all about Max and sleep. He regularly sleeps through the night from about 9:30pm to 7am. In the last few weeks, he has had a handful of nights with early wake ups between 4-5am but those are still not the norm, fortunately. He still refuses all naps in the crib during the day and basically all naps at our house. He will nap in the car and out in public, so that's useful as long as you aren't trying to get anything at all accomplished at home. 

My goal is to write posts 2x per month, since I'm recording all this info only here but I only did one the last month (see lack of nap time) so we shall see what happens. I hope everyone has a great long weekend! 


  1. Such a cutie! Sammy is a really good eater, but she often eats every hour. I don't really mind if she does it during the day because at this point I am really just stationed at home adjusting to having two kids to take care of. Fortunately she spreads out her feedings at night a bit more. So far, she is good about taking naps in her pack n play so I rotate those in among naps where she snuggles on John or me. If I can put her down that allows me to play with Grace along and Grace needs that.

  2. He is so cute! Evelyn does not seem to be much of a napper either so that is another thing they have in common besides their full heads of hair. ;) I love it when babies start to babble! Does he put his toes in his mouth yet? That's another phase I like, too because I am incredibly impressed with their flexibility!

    I am glad that you are loving the baby phase so much! He sure is a cutie!

  3. He is so darn cute! That's amazing that he is sleeping so much already! That's more than I sleep most nights, haha. What are these rumours I always here about babies not allowing you to sleep?? ;) jk. I love the max updates, I hope I can meet him and snuggle him one day before he's five :)

  4. I can't believe he's already four months! Whaaat??? Also, " He will nap in the car and out in public, so that's useful as long as you aren't trying to get anything at all accomplished at home." Hahahahaha!

    Can't wait to see you both soon!

  5. My child did not like her crib for naps either. She napped in her swing until she was like 9 months or older. ha

  6. Yay for new Max photos! Love seeing his smiling face (and yours). makes stressy work days less awful.

  7. I've been missing photos of Max (not because you haven't shared any, but because I'm all messed up with reading blogs). He is SO CUTE. I mean, SERIOUSLY CUTE (and I don't say that about many <6 month old babies). A friend had a baby who slept through the night and never napped. Her pediatrician said BE HAPPY with the nighttime sleep and I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT about how hard it is with a child who won't nap. Long story short, so long as Max is sleeping solid hours at night, then you can't worry about no napping (way easier to say than to live with, I'm sure).

    If it makes you feel any better, it took Gavin THREE YEARS to not wake up at all on most nights. Now, if he wakes up, it's to go pee (which I'm totally fine with). Then again, when he'd wake up before, I'd just go back to sleep with him in his room, so it's not like sleep was ever a really big deal here, either. (Though, I did want to mention it, because, well, there's always the other side, which has its own benefits and downfalls.) =)