Friday, February 28, 2014

Max: 6 Weeks Old

Max is 6 weeks old today. What?! I can already tell I'm turning into that sentimental mom because I was a little sad at my 6 week appointment yesterday that I'm all done with pregnancy doctor's appointments. I mean, sure they were annoying, but Eric and I had fun going out to dinner after them and I can't overlook that they are the place I first heard Max's heartbeat and got to see him moving around on the screen. Plus, I genuinely loved my doctor and nurses, so it's weird that I won't be seeing them often anymore. Oh #momproblems!

Anyway, MAX. 

He is much more awake these days, and he is following voices and people with his eyes. He also smiles more, but he doesn't yet smile in response to anything… right now it's probably when he has to poop or is dreaming about boobs :) 

Max continues to be skeptical about my ability to parent him. For example, when I put him in the car seat, he wonders "where is this crazy woman taking me!?" 

Photo 2  10

So skeptical. "Seriously, what are you looking at?"

Photo 1  11

He is improving in his sleeping, but he still seems to enjoy day time sleeping just a little more than nighttime sleeping!

Photo 2  9

Photo  81

Max's adventures of the last week include: visits to his grandparents house and one of his great-grandmothers, more restaurant visits (restaurant sleeping), and more visits in general from the many people who love this baby. Max also made some new friends at a Mom's group I went to on Tuesday. Today, he is going to try out Baby and Me yoga. 

Photo 1  10

Honestly, Max is a really great baby. He doesn't need to be held all the time or put into his crib already asleep. He only cries when he needs something or is having gas pain. He loves visitors and is flexible about going basically anywhere (so far!). I know this could all change tomorrow, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts. But, please don't change tomorrow? 

6 Weeks

Looks Like: 

Photo  82

Likes: eating as slowly as humanly possible, Dad and Max time, holding his own pacifier, grabbing my hair, throwing things (I'm not kidding, I put a cloth over him while I'm changing him so he doesn't pee on me, and multiple times he has grabbed the cloth and thrown it- I have a collection behind the dresser at the moment). 


Dislikes: stopping at the gas station, still hiccups...


Feeding: Well, he continues to eat very slowly. In fact he used to be a little faster at taking a bottle at least, but he has even been slow playing that lately. He is also terribly inconsistent about how much he wants to eat, one day a lot, one day nothing- as you can imagine my boobs love this game. On an unrelated note, how many times can I say boob in one post? 

Sleeping: Max is sleeping in his crib now and most nights he goes to bed at about 10, wakes up around 1-2 and then again around 4. He has had a very occasional bad night but they are few and far between, thankfully. 


  1. I wonder how many random blog hits you'll get from using the word boobs in this post =) Max is just adorable. I love his hair and his eyes. And that stomach! I wish I lived closer so a) I could meet you and b) I could meet Max! Happy six weeks, Max!

  2. That boy of yours is making my baby fever spike! So wonderfully adorable.

  3. Oh my goodness, the buddha belly just kills me! And I love the stink eye he is giving you :)

  4. Hahaha he has the most hilarious facial expressions! I love it! That is also funny you put a cloth over him so he doesn't pee on you and he throws it off!!! He is seriously a very cute baby. Also? HOW is he 6 weeks old already. Time really does fly!

  5. What an adorable baby! My son turned 5 months a few days ago and it feels like just yesterday he was 6 weeks old. The time passes so quickly!! The days seem long but the weeks fly by

  6. Gosh, Max's expression in that first picture. PRICELESS.

    He looks so snuggly. I just want to snuggle with him!

  7. I love his facial expressions! Too funny! He is starting to get chubby cheeks! I am glad that he is a sleeping a bit better. I really can not believe he is already 6 weeks old, though!

    I, too, wonder how many people will come to his post from googling 'boobs'. ;)

  8. The 3-hour sleep/feed cycle seems to be pretty normal at this age. That's the cycle they put Gavin on in the NICU, so he was well trained by the time he came home. ;) Love the faces of Max photos - you'll have quite the series just in time for his 16th birthday. ha. Also, based on my own experience, THIS is definitely the time to eat out with Max. Gavin was fantastic when he was a baby and he was even pretty darn good until he was about 1.5-2. But, the combination of walking and no longer sitting in a high chair doomed our eating out excursions. We still do it ... and beg for forgiveness every step of the way. ;)