Sunday, March 2, 2014

Music, Miles, Books and Looks

I'm not going to lie, I'm super happy to say goodbye to February. I have hope that March is going to bring SLIGHTLY more spring like weather… please? 


I have no attachment to my hometown, or the south, but I still love: 

My Hometown, Eric Church

Southern State of Mind, Darius Rucker

Even with a non-serious name, this is a serious song that I think everyone can relate to: 

Funny how the good ones go

Too soon but the good Lord knows

The reasons why I guess

Sometimes the greater plan

Is kinda hard to understand

Right now it don't make sense

I can't make it all make sense

Drink a Beer, Luke Bryan

Plus, a fun throwback. Because, sometimes it's 2am, and I'm wishing my life was closer to this song rather than what it is. I kid… or do I?

Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off, Joe Nichols



There was that 20 minute walk that amounted to less than 1 mile. So… yeah, probably 5 miles total. I can only go up from here :) 



I lowered my book goal to 20 books for the year because I didn't know how motherhood and reading would go, Then I started nursing 10 hours a day and I am already over halfway to my goal. Ha. I read 9 books this month, which is a record for me. I actually could've read more but before the last book I had this total rebellion against reading, which was probably a rebellion against spending 10 hours breastfeeding, but anyway. I think I'm over that now (the reading part). 


5 Stars- I absolutely LOVED this story told from the perspective of a man with Aspergers. 


3 Stars- This book was okay… I'm a little confused about how it's going to be a movie because not a ton of things actually happened...


3 Stars- This was a fast paced thriller, but I felt like the children characters were completely not realistic/believable. 


5 Stars- There were several different (sometimes related) stories told in this book, which could get confusing, but overall I really liked this book I just used the "who is this character" feature on my new kindle a lot! 


5 Stars- Such a great young adult book about a fifth grade boy. It was a really feel good story, but at the same time I felt like the characters were pretty realistic. 


4 stars- I loved the characters and storyline in this book about a woman who travels to Paris to receive an inheritance from someone she doesn't know...


4 stars- I love to listen to The Art of Simple podcast, so I decided to check out Tsh's book. I particularly liked the section about travel and the importance and logistics of traveling with kids. 


3 Stars- I didn't like this book as much as Midwives (also by this author). It was historical fiction and mystery, which normally would be a perfect combination for me, but I found that it had too many war details for me. 


4 Stars- I decided to read this parenting book this month written by a baby nurse (code: night nurse, I want one!). Like all parenting books, I loved some of it and left the rest. This book helped me put Max on more of a feeding schedule to save both of our sanity and help him sleep better at night. However, some of the things she suggests just don't work for Max. For example, as the baby gets older she recommends trying to "pat and shush" the baby in the middle of the night instead of feeding. This would totally not work for Max who would be like WTF are you doing, I want to eat! And seriously, if anyone tries to shush me when I want to eat, I will kill you too. 


I started wearing some normal clothes again this month. Wahoo! 

A new dress from Banana Republic:

Photo  85

Two new sweaters- one from The Limited and the other from Gap. Jeans are still maternity jeans… they are falling off but I can't part with them, SO much more comfortable than regular jeans. Seriously contemplating trying to make them smaller and wearing them forever. Jeans with yoga pant tops are just genius I tell you. 

Photo  86

Recommend your current favorite songs, books and looks to me :) 


  1. I have been liking The South by The Cadillac Three. And I like all the songs you mentioned. I've also been listening to Margaritaville Radio because I am pretending that I am on a beach drinking. I think I only finished 2 books this month because they were lame. I did get more miles than last month!

  2. Oh also, the shushing in the middle of the night. hahahahahaha. Yeah, not almost 9ish months when she was only waking once for 5 minutes could that possibly work sometimes. But it could never be me. It had to be my husband. If I got up with her it was going to be nursing no matter how long I wanted to pretend I could do something else. But daddy going in first worked 80 percent of the time when she wasn't staaaarving.

  3. I did my February post today. :) I love all of your looks, especially that striped BR dress!! Fun! I had no fun outfits to post today which is pretty lame but I just felt meh about my clothes in February.

    I am impressed by how much you read, but also not surprised because there really isn't much else to do while you are breastfeeding, I suppose! I am glad you liked The Rosie Project and And the Mountains Echoed. Those were 2 books that I really liked, too!

  4. Dude - NINE books in a month! That's awesome! I love how you love country music - just something else we share!

    And you look GREAT in those pics!

  5. I've tried to get into The Mountains Echoed and just haven't been able to. I've heard good things before, so maybe I need to give it one more go

  6. Do you know the story behind Luke Bryan's song? He lost both his brother AND sister in a span of like two years. Kind of like my worst nightmare. I actually had a terrible dream the night after reading about that. But love that song and obviously love Hometown too.

  7. Maybe if I had the "who is this character" feature I would have enjoyed the Hosseini book more! I just couldn't get into that one like I got into his other books because I kept getting confused and lost!

    Cute looks - I especially love that bright striped dress!! I would not like to be shushed when I'm hungry either. hahaha

  8. You're looking great, Kelly! Seriously, the baby weight has all but disappeared (and don't try to tell me otherwise, because yes, I know your body isn't the same as before - heheh). When we meet this summer, can we go for a long walk together? With or without the boys? Heck, maybe we could even go for a run together. I'm guessing that meeting and getting in some steps/miles at the same time would make both our hearts sing! =D