Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week 25 and 26

I can't believe how fast 2 weeks pass when it comes time to writing my updates, somehow I am always caught off guard! I started Week 27 today. Some people say that's the third trimester, but since I am in no rush for THAT to come I'm going to take advantage of the stupid indecisive we can't agree on anything in pregnancy and say it's next week :) 

Week 25

Winn 131103 1477

Week 25 was an important turning point for me as far as realizing that I just cannot do everything I used to do before I was pregnant. This may seem obvious, since I gave up biking months ago and running a few months later. Not too mention drinking, of course. However, during Week 25 I somehow found myself with a super busy week at work, followed by a super busy weekend, followed by another busy week at work. And guess what? It did not go well. I was stressed the entire time, had more than 1 stand up for too long dizzy spells, and just felt overall grumpy by the end of it. I did have some unexpected things pop up during the week, like a sudden chipped tough that meant a dentist trip but I want to be able to handle these unexpected things a little better. Fortunately, I took a serious look at what I could handle right now and decided that I am now limiting myself to one weeknight commitment (only on weeks when I don't have a doctors appointment- those count as a weeknight commitment) and one weekend commitment. This is in addition to work outs, which occupy time as well obviously. I'm hoping having a concrete rule for myself will help me say no more often. As things go on, I may find that I have to adapt these rules, but for now I think they will keep me a bit more sane. Meanwhile, the baby seemed to not even notice his mom's craziness. He was bouncing all over the place all week. Or perhaps he thought that was just the norm, since clearly I was doing it too! 

Week 26

This was a very exciting week for so many reasons. First of all, life settled down a bit. I finished parent/teacher conferences and I began to limit my commitments. Plus, it was time for my Baby Shower! I wrote all about it already, so I'll spare any further details but it just made having a baby that much more real. Plus, I feel much more prepared for the baby's arrival now that I have almost all of the things we will actually need for him. 

Kellys Baby Shower 27

The baby also continues to move like CRAZY these days and finally Eric was able to feel it too, which is super exciting. I also continue to be able to see him move (if I lift up my shirt). I swear I've been writing thank you notes but then I decide to look at my tummy for awhile. Ha. 

Other notable parts of Week 26: I continued to love yoga and swimming. I submitted my official maternity leave paperwork. I started my maternity leave plans…sigh. So much realness. I have no idea how I got here. Really. 


  1. Ahhhh so exciting that Eric could feel him!

  2. Different experience entirely but I remember when I had my bridal shower; it made it SO REAL that I was getting married.

    I'm sure it's hard to adjust your lifestyle/limit yourself on the things you do and like to do but if it makes you feel more sane and less dizzy, we'll call that a win, right? =)

  3. Submitted your maternity paperwork - ahhhh it IS real!

    You look great!!! :)

  4. Baby H is definitely a mover and a shaker! One of my brothers was super active in my mom's tummy. She could put things on her stomach and he would kick them off! So you'll have to try that when you are a little further along and see if Baby H can do that, too!

    I am glad you are finding a way to draw a line on how many social commitments you can take on. Getting overtired and stressed out is no fun, so hopefully by drawing boundaries,it prevents you from feeling super overwhelmed!

    You look so cute pregnant, though!!!

  5. You are rocking some CUTE maternity outfits - love that purple sweater dress as well as the boots you are wearing!

    Workouts definitely count as evening commitments. I actually try to avoid having ANY weekday evening commitments unless they are workouts or work related. I am antisocial maybe but I also just really like my rest, especially during the week!