Sunday, November 17, 2013

Birthday Gifts: Cake!

I don't know about you but I love cake. I also love cupcakes, ice cream and cookies. There is really not too many desserts I don't love. But I don't frequently make cakes. I just enjoy eating them. 

However, in the last year or so Pinterest has inspired me to make a different kind of cake: the teacher supply cake! 

I made my first one in April of this year for my classroom special education aide who was hoping for her own classroom (and got one, wahoo!). 

IMG 2098

In order to make a teacher supply cake, you need to gather lots of teaching supplies first. Obviously the best time of year to do this would be at back to school time when there are lots of sales. If you plan to keep your cake circular, you have to put some thought into that when purchasing supplies. For the cake above, I used a paper towel roll in the middle. Then, I used elastic bands to wrap mechanical and regular pencils, post it notes, kids birthday crowns, erasers, binder clips, and cute cupcake stationary pad. I used a giant post it pad as the base of the whole cake. The elastic bands hold things together pretty well, but I did just some tape between the layers. Then, I covered the elastics with ribbon and some scrapbooking stickers! 

I just made another one for my classroom assistant who's birthday is this coming Thursday. I'm telling you, teachers love school supplies, we have problems :) 

Image  1

I decided to make this one a bit more stable by using a toilet paper roll as the base. I wrapped the top of a shoe box to put it on. Then I used markers, pencils, index cards, tags, glitter pens, post it notes and again the fun cupcake stationary :) I really should have got some thicker ribbon so you can see the elastics, oh well! 

If you like the cake idea but don't know anyone obsessed with office supplies, don't worry- you can still make these fun cakes with other items. How about a 30th birthday "cake?"

Photo  64

This cake was made using two recipe card packs attached together as a base, and then the center is one of those tumbler cups I got at Old Navy- it's silver and sparkly! Then, I attached some items using elastics again- this time goldfish crackers, gum, candy, and lollipops. Since I'm no stranger to the 30th birthday celebration, I had the "celebrate 30" in my house already, ha. 

Clearly, you can make these cakes with basically anything! They can range a bit cost-wise depending on what you want to include, but they can be a pretty inexpensive gift if you plan well :) 

What is your favorite go-to birthday gift? Have you ever made a unique cake? 



  1. Oh fun, those "cakes" are a great idea. Who doesn't love supplies, right? Even as a non-teacher I love school supplies and things like that! I have never made a cake for someone's birthday (real or otherwise) - how bad is that? If I had lived in Minneapolis this summer, I would have made one for Phil, though.

    My favorite go-to birthday gift is probably something from Anthropologie, like an apron or candle. I love love love their French Cade Lavender candle and at $18 it's pretty reasonably priced!

  2. Love it. Very creative of you : ) My go to birthday gift usually involves photos of some kind..

  3. What an awesome idea! I have seen the diaper cakes before at baby showers but I haven't ever thought to do something like this! My super creative old coworker made us all little "sleighs" out of chocolates at Christmas last year. It was so cute she used a chocolate bar for the base and then candy canes for the ski parts and then something else. She also found it on Pinterest. Oh Pinterest, what did we do before that thing?? haha

  4. haha this look so fun and creative of you! great blog ♡