Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pregnancy Updates, Part 2

Thank you for the very encouraging comments regarding my first round of pregnancy updates. I hope you will notice a marked difference in my updates in the second trimester thus far (below). This is where I start to feel physically better and feeling well physically has always been a large help to me mentally. I have mentioned before that I sometimes have a hard time with the beginnings of things, it takes me some time to get used to things. Pregnancy was no different for me. It was very hard for me to get used to. I still have my bad days now… Eric can definitely vouch for this. But I think even he would agree that in the last few weeks he has seen much less of Emo-Kelly and Rage-elly and much more of an optimistic, and even sometimes excited version of myself. I am very grateful for this. I am very grateful for a lot actually… and I'll be blogging about all of that later. I decided it deserves it's own post. 

Week 13

Photo  47

It's really weird for me to divide my weeks on Wednesdays, I'm just not used to that. So my FIRST part of Week 13 was not my favorite, not my favorite at all.  I think my expectations were too high. Friends have told me that I probably would not start feeling a lot better this early, but I'm still really annoyed by the general understanding that "things get better" in the second trimester. They are not better yet. This week alone I've had several near throw up instances, usually involving brushing my teeth or waking up in the middle of the night. I also got my second terrible headache. I miss Advil just as much as I always thought I would. But, on a positive note, I did swim a mile twice this week. My swimming buddies and I have been building up to crossing the pond we swim at, and this week we did it twice. Pregnancy, for me, has been one thing I can't do after another, so it's nice to accomplish something brand new in fitness. And, in a second positive note, the second part of Week 13, I've started to see a very small light at the end of the tunnel. Time actually passes where I don't feel pregnant, aka exhausted and nauseous. I'll add a plus one for that :) 

Week 14

IMG 9666

My newest problem (isn't there always one?) is prenatal yoga. The other night I enjoyed yet another pregnancy symptom, a painful early morning calf cramp. I hadn't exercised that day or the day before, so I think part of it was slightly less activity (though I was active both of those days) and less stretching. I always thought I'd go to yoga consistently when pregnant but I never realized how impossible it would be! My studio only has one prenatal class and it's on Sunday in the middle of the day. Even when I am home on a weekend, most of the time I can't go in the middle of the day. I've been twice all summer. Many other studios around don't have it at all, or their times are equally absurd. I've tried some of the online classes, but another dilemma is the absurdity of prenatal classes. Two days after I found out I was pregnant I tried my first video. Sometime around the seventh "point your baby towards the ____" I had to shut it off. Still trying to process having a baby!!! Now I'm past that, my the newest video I downloaded was okay until we get into tree pose and the instructor says "this pose reminds me of the placenta…" WHAT?! JUST LET ME WORKOUT. End rant. 

Actually Week 14 was a good week, minus the calf cramps and painful headaches, I'm starting to feel like a normal human again. I even felt the need to google what people actually like about pregnancy (rather than my usual google search of "I hate pregnancy."). I still completely don't agree with any of the things there are to like (people do shit for you… yeah great, I could just feel good and then do shit for myself…) but at least I felt the need to search it. 


Week 15

Winn 130823 8559

Winn 130823 8556

Let's get a little more optimistic about pregnancy here, shall we? I spent the vast majority of this week at the Cape, and as I've probably mentioned before, this baby loves vacation. I am slowly taking less frequent naps, and feeling better overall. The bump is starting to grow, which is a good thing (yay, baby is growing!), and a bad thing (yikes, how am I going to hide this at work?). 


Week 16

IMG 2628

I had an uneventful 16 week check in with the doctor. She said I can most likely go to Florida in December, wahoo. Everything looked and sounded good, and I get an ultrasound in 3 weeks. Wahoo. Seriously, pregnancy is like living one ultrasound to the next. I'm very thankful that thus far all of my appointments have brought good news and everything is going well. I'm very realistic about all that can go wrong, so I'm always thankful when I learn that nothing has so far. I'm really starting to feel like a normal person again now. Hours go by without any clear symptoms, and I enjoy every minute of that time. 


Week 17

Winn 130910 8733 Edit

Since way back at Week 5/6, Week 17 marks my first week of full time teaching. In a lot of ways it went better than I expected, I think I ran on adrenaline for most of the week. I did barely move most of the weekend in recovery. I don't know how I would've done it if I had to teach full time during that first trimester, but now it's feeling very doable. I have plenty of energy, and my patience level is basically at normal levels I think. It was definitely not in those last few weeks of last year, even before I knew I was pregnant. 


Week 18

Winn 130917 9418

For the past few weeks I've been feeling *possible* baby movements, but nothing I was really convinced was an actual movement. On Day 2 of Week 18, I felt what I am 100% was baby flutters. I know from the 12 week ultrasound that Baby H loves to move (it's gotta be a boy ha ha) so I'm excited to continue to feel it. And also not call it IT anymore, because we will find out in Week 19 if this baby is a boy or a girl, wahoo! Also, I feel great, like a normal person again. Can we just stay like this until February? Please? 


  1. You look SO FABULOUS! I'm glad things are looking up for you and I love your weekly updates :)

  2. Week 14 is awesome. I mean, not awesome for you. But it made me laugh. You may be my new favorite pregnant person. I think I'll probably be just like you if I ever get pregnant. Haha. ;)

    I love these updates lots and lots. Keep 'em coming!

  3. So many people (myself included) take monthly pregnancy photos in the same outfit and often in the same location. I absolutely LOVE that you're getting out and about, wearing beautiful clothes and taking "profile" photos in such beautiful settings. You're looking great, Kelly!

  4. You're looking great. ;) I don't think I'd ever work well in the 1st tri. at all. OMG the exhaustion. and the smells. let me tell ya. junior high boys were the low point of my pregnancy. ewww.

  5. You look WONDERFUL! And it is exciting (for me) that you are starting to show more. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD at the plecenta/tree pose comment. And I do not really LOL that much... What in the what? Who comes up with stuff like that? It would have ellicited a major eye roll from me!

    I am happy to hear that are starting to feel better and that you are starting to feel the baby move around a bit. I think that would be so exciting and would make it feel even more real!!

    In hindsight, maybe it was better that I didn't come in August because you were probably feeling really crappy/tired. So I will just have to plan to come next summer or fall. :) Then I can see Boston AND the baby. :) Oh, and you and Eric, of course. ;)

  6. Love love love. I've definitely noticed your transformation in the 2nd trimester, fingers crossed it keeps up! WOOHOO BABY!

  7. You look so good!!! I love the updates and the reality in how your feeling!

    I laughed out loud about the Prenatal Yoga! I don't think I could take all that placenta talk seriously without giggling a little. Okay, a lot.

    I'm glad you are starting to feel better! That 1st trimester (which extends often into the 2nd) sounds horrific.

  8. I love your REAL updates on each week. Glad you are feeling better, have more energy and hooray for finding out that gender of the baby. Echoing what everyone else said, you look fabulous. Oh, and the prenatal yoga thing? Made me laugh out loud. (What they were saying, not what you were doing, obviously.)