Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Looking Forward & Back: Fall Edition

It's officially fall, the cool mornings remind me every day! I have a love/hate relationship with fall. I love the weather, the leaves and I love, love the food. What is not to love about caramel apples, pumpkin and butternut squash? I do not love the end of summer freedom, the stress of the beginning of the new school year, and the teaching children how to stand in line and hold a pencil. Sigh. 

Looking Back

Today I won Becky's birthday giveaway! For some reason I have been really struggling with getting into books lately, so I'm really looking forward to having three books that Becky has RAVED about right on my book shelf reminding me to read and enjoy them :) 

Earlier this week I went for a chilly fall swim in my favorite pond. I am so just not ready to return to lap swimming, so I've been zipping up my wetsuit and powering through the initial cold to enjoy outdoor swimming as long as possible. 

Photo  50

Last week I ran a successful training for other teachers on a program I am still learning about myself. I was not too psyched to do it, but I was really happy when it turned out better than I expected it to. 

Last month Eric and I ended an awesome week at the Cape with a seal boat tour in Chatham. It was really cool to see the seals up close and learn more about them. I miss summer!

IMG 9770

Looking Forward

Tomorrow my college roommate Ashley is coming to visit and we are celebrating her 30th birthday! A few years ago Eric and I were 30th birthday experts, it seemed we had one every week. Now, it's my friend's time to turn 30. This means, the return of the 30 glasses. Wahoo! 

Photo  51

This weekend I am looking forward to the many birthday celebrations planned. I am most excited about tailgating the BC football game, which is something I try to do at least once every year. 

Next week is my return to the Cape. I'm looking forward to some slightly cooler walks on the beach and just some overall relaxation. 

Next month Eric and I are hopping on a plane to Florida for a friend's wedding! Even though I love fall weather, it will be fun to put back on the summer clothes and maybe get a little bit of a last minute tan. I'm also looking forward to sitting by the pool or the beach with a good book. 


What are you looking forward to right now? 


  1. I like how you included a looking back aspect to this post! Fun! You do have a lot to look forward to. I am glad you have some time at the cape to look forward to! And Florida will be fun, too! I hope the trend of the baby liking vacations continues! :)

    Tonight I am looking forward to dinner w/ my local friend Lori. this weekend I am looking forward to checking out part of the Blue Ridge Parkway (one of the prettiest drives in the U.S.), next month i am looking forward to going back home for another wedding, then Chicago, then Myrtle Beach with the girls in my family. And this fall I am looking forward to Paris, which I am starting to plan!!!

  2. I agree I like the look back piece too! I also like that you're posting again, yay! I'm looking forward to my vacation.. two weeks!

  3. I need to borrow those 30 glasses! Those are neat. Haven't seen them before. (And yes, I said NEAT.)

    The seal tour sounds awesome; I think you live in such a cool part of the US. It's on our list to come visit out that way one day so I hope we can make it happen. And meet you =)

  4. You're making me miss the Cape - it's a long ways away until next summer when we return. Would you mind providing the name of the seal watching excursion you went on - that might be something Gavin would enjoy next summer.

    I'm looking forward to our trip to Italy. And that's pretty much it. =)

  5. Can't wait to send you the books!

    Today I was putting out fires at work - apparently I was the ONLY one who could help everyone ALL the time, OMG! Seriously, it was a little ridiculous.

    Next week (well a week from Sunday) will be mine and Ben's six year wedding anniversary! It's crazy that it's already been six years but what's weirder to think about is I've known him for 25 out of my 30 years! WOAH.

  6. Today is almost over so I'm not really looking forward to much. Curling up with a cup of tea and my book in a few minutes maybe? This week I am looking forward to getting back to my workouts since I haven't worked out for almost a week with my darn flu bug. This month I am looking forward to my trip to CHICAGO of course and this year I am looking forward to lots of exciting stuff happening at work over the next couple of months and also the trip to Ireland that Eric and I are in the very beginning stages of planning for May!