Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I'm Having a Baby

Hi friends. Guess what? I'm pregnant. I tried to think of a fun way to tell you that, but I figured in the end I'd just come out and say it. I'll be 19 weeks tomorrow which means I have been keeping the secret in the blogland for a very long time. It's not because I don't trust and love you all, but because I was trying very hard not to freak out the kindergarten parents on day 1. They all know now and have been incredibly supportive, light years better than I ever could've imagined. 

Even though I had to wait quite awhile to break my news to the blog world, I didn't want to let the entire first half of my pregnancy go completely undocumented, so I've been taking (mostly) weekly photos and trying to write down a few thoughts each week. I actually do enjoy reading other updates, so hopefully you will not find mine incredibly boring :) 

Week 4

IMG 2324

Here I am with Caroline after completing Baby's First Triathlon. I'm still blissfully unaware of what is happening inside of me, and at this point haven't even started to think anything is up. 

Week 5

Photo  43

Here I am at 5.5 weeks pregnant (and truth be told, I believe it's closer to 6, but we will go with the dating ultrasound). This is the DAY I took the pregnancy test and was immediately confused by the "plus" sign that was really one vertical line. Don't be concerned about the beer, I bought it- promptly dumped it out in the bathroom and refilled in with a water bottle I had in my purse. Believe it or not, this is the one and only time I fake drank during my pregnancy. Unless you count the numerous photos I took with beers on my trip so as not to raise suspicions on Facebook. 

Week 6

Photo  44

Soon after the Week 5 photo was taken pregnancy reality hit me and was followed by crippling nausea and nightly breakdowns. Week 5 and 6 were low points. Eric has always referred to my emotional side as Emo-Kelly, but this week also brought the birth of a new sidekick Rage-Elly, my angry alter ego. We did have our first ultrasound this week because my period (or lack there of) was not reliable enough to give us a due date. That turned out to be accurate because my due date would be one month earlier if we had not had the ultrasound. Huge fail. Baby looked like a blob, but it was our little blob. 

Week 7

IMG 9182

I spent the beginning of Week 7 at work sitting in an office writing curriculum. This was a big step up from attempting to not vomit while dealing with children and by some stroke of luck my coworkers brought delicious bagels every day. Week 7 also brings the family trip up to Maine and the discovery that my baby LOVES vacation. I can't imagine where this trait comes from with Eric and I as parents, ha. I made the mistake of going home one day to tutor and the baby immediately rebelled. It's clear I already have a smart baby. 

Week 8

IMG 9195

Our Maine trip finishes up (too fast) and I take my first prenatal yoga class this week. It's a little surreal to be in a room filled with super pregnant people, but everyone is very supportive of how terrible I'm feeling and it doesn't make me feel worse, so plus one for that. Despite nausea and daily naps, I am still working out pretty regularly. I swim at least 3 times a week, run 1-2 times a week and I just bought a Pure Barre Prenatal DVD which I will soon check out. I'm fine running as long as it's not hot, which unfortunately it frequently is. I also can't go five seconds without drinking water which can be inconvenient. There are mixed feelings about biking outside while pregnant (your balance can be off, which can lead to falls). I think this means Baby's First Tri was also his or her last, until they are old enough for a kids tri! 

Week 9

IMG 9309

Let's call this the week of throwing caution to wind. The first day of this week was Eric and my third wedding anniversary. We celebrated by going up to Rockport, MA and enjoying a walk on a precarious jetty. Apparently my balance was not yet off, thankfully. Then, we hopped on a flight to Iceland, for what was supposed to be our "Last Hurrah" before trying to have a baby. I know, I know, if you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans :) In Iceland, we visited Blue Lagoon which is basically a giant hot tub, aka a big no no in pregnancy. However, I did some research and because it is cooler than a normal hot tub, it is supposedly safe in pregnancy. Even still, I didn't stay in for long and chugged water the whole time. Finished up the week up with a glacier hike, which of course should've been easy but was a bit of a challenge for out of breath in 10 seconds preggo Kelly. But, I felt really good the whole day and I guess baby is going to be just like Dad, because he or she loves a good risk. Lucky for him or her (but super annoyingly for me), everything seems to be a "risk" in pregnancy… fish more than twice a week, nail polish, any medicine, walking the wrong way… haha okay fine I made up the last one, but it really is absurd. Mommy guilt, Step 1: Pregnancy Guilt. Everything you do is going to ruin your baby for life. Enjoy :) 

Week 10

1073245 10100592188401507 1009093807 o  1

Baby and I hit the "double digits" in Austria. It was absolutely gorgeous, insanely relaxing, and the food was delicious. It was a good contrast to the constant smoke blown in the face that was Munich. Oh, and by the way, my balance was still fine :) 

Week 11

IMG 9604IMG 9602

Week 11 is the return home and the beginning of traditional "pregnancy photos." I am so thankful to be home and even though baby does love vacation, I am starting to feel the tiniest bit better even when at home. Don't get me wrong, I'm still taking daily naps and had my worst ever headache this week (I miss Advil SO very much). We had our first official doctor's appointment this week and heard the heart beat for the first time. Even though I haven't gained any weight yet, I personally can see a baby bump. Eric and others who know me well, agree. 

Week 12

Winn 130803 8085

Even though there seems to be great disagreement about when the first trimester really ends (WTF can we agree on ANYTHING in pregnancy?!), I am going to declare Week 12 my last week of the first trimester. While in a triathlon, the swim is my favorite part, I am really hoping that I do not feel the same about the first trimester. This week we had an NT scan which looks from chromosomal abnormalities using an ultrasound and a blood test. We were very lucky that our risk came back extremely low 1/10,000 to be exact, and we got to see our little baby on the screen again. This was an "oh my god it's real, it's not just a crazy joke someone is playing on me" moment. The baby was no longer a blob. It was a baby, a baby who can wave, a baby who can sit "criss cross applesauce" so that the ultrasound tech can't get a good measurement, a baby who was ALL OVER THE PLACE the entire time, did not sit still for a second. How can all this be happening in my body and I can't even feel it?! Well I guess I can feel it, when I wake up at 4 am starving, or when I need a nap to survive the day, or when I almost throw up just because I'm brushing my teeth. Overall, a good ending to a "period of time" I am happy to say goodbye to. It's funny, when I look back at all the pictures, it doesn't look as bad as I remember it...

I'll be back soon with the rest of the weeks I missed. Spoiler alert, they get much more positive. Thanks for reading! 



  1. Hi, I'm a lurker but just wanted to wish you a big congratulations! How very exciting and the next 21 weeks will hopefully full of baby-related posts :)

  2. Kelly!!! Congratulations! I was so excited when I saw the title of this post pop up! Sorry you've been feeling so sick, but happy to hear its getting better. Can't wait to follow along. Seems like not so long ago that I was following your wedding planning :)

  3. Ah congratulations to you! So excited to follow along with your journey to motherhood! :)

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so excited for you guys and I loved reading your thoughts on each of the weeks thus far. It seems like people's pregnancies can vary so much so it is interesting to read about people's experiences. I loved the sneaky beer pics! Tricky! You did a great job keeping this a secret for so long, but I understand why you did and I am really really glad that the parents have all been so great about it! I can not wait to hear about all the questions your kids at school are going to ask along the way, though!

    Here is to being about/almost half ways through the pregnancy! You and Eric are going to be such wonderful parents. I love that the baby already has a love/preference for being on vacation. :)

  5. WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!! Also, I never saw how week 11 photos came out with your camera, LOVE them! Super pretty and convenient that your dress match the flowers : )

  6. BAHAHAHAHAHA to the beer pics while on your trip. Since I knew at that point I totally noticed the beer and I was like "hmmm, maybe she is just having alcohol free beer!" hahaha. I love that you actually planned them so people would not be suspicious. Too darn funny.

    Anyways, I loved reading these updates and I'm VERY happy to hear that it gets better past the first trimester! Also how lucky are you to have a photographer for a sister? You will have many wonderful pictures of your pregnancy!

  7. I'm so excited for you and Eric!!!! YEAH!! Hopefully I'm next :) WE're trying!! You look beautiful.

  8. Holy smokes that is the greatest news!!!! So happy for you both!!! Im glad you are starting to feel better. I cant imagine.

    Cant wait to hear more!

  9. Congratulations!!! So excited for you and your husband! Love the pictures -- and glad you held on to some of your thoughts during the weeks you kept quiet!!

    How exciting!

  10. Congrats!!!! Blessings to you and Eric!!

  11. I saw this on Facebook yesterday and my jaw literally DROPPED. Way to go on keeping it a "secret" for so long! I don't know how you managed it! Ha. :) I am thrilled, thrilled, THRILLED for you and Eric and I'm so excited to follow along and see your pregnancy updates! CONGRATS!

  12. Hooray, the cat is out of the bag! So super excited for you and Eric! I had a rough first trimester, too ... all I could eat was chicken noodle soup and oyster crackers, because I was so nauseous. Second trimester was much MUCH better for me - hope the same was true for you!

  13. EEK! Congrats girl!!! So happy for you both!

  14. yay maine and YAY BABY!!! you look great. congrats!

  15. bahaha you crack me up. we had just decided to stop trying for awhile when after a long weekend of drinking/having fun on what I thought was my period turned into a Tuesday morning pregnancy test. only 11 months after we started 'trying.' ha. I'm so happy for you guys!

  16. I don't know how I missed this, but I guess I haven't been reading any blogs lately because I've been quite exhausted myself ;0)
    My group of 26 is keeping me quite busy and stressed so far this year and I have been taking naps when Grace does just to get through the day.
    Congrats on being done with the first trimester. That's the worst one!

  17. Congrats that's so exciting! :)


  18. You're a wealth of information about what to do/not do during pregnancy. I don't think I would have thought a thing about the biking at all had you not said anything. Congratulations (again)! So excited for you guys =)