Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Walks and Talks

I'm already loving my thankful challenge because it's making me think several times a day, "oh I'm thankful for this, I could blog about it!" I had lots of ideas for today but one stood out as the best.

I am thankful for late afternoon walks with Eric. Sometimes it's a run, and I'm equally thankful for those, but today it was a nice long walk around our favorite reservoir in the area...



It's so nice after a long day of kiddos and conferences to just debrief the day with Eric and enjoy the nice scenery. Oh, and play with Instagram on my phone...




Ah, this might be almost as fun as getting my new fancy camera in the summer. Almost.

Do you ever take a break from running (if you run at all) to just go for a walk and soak in the scenery?


  1. I am currently on a forced no run plan (I broke my foot 7 eeeks ago and it's healing slowly) and sometimes I love it

  2. I haven't taken a break from running to just go for a walk in a long time, but I did do that quite a bit this summer. I would go for walks in my neighborhood and it was a great way to end the day. Those pictures are gorgeous!!!!

  3. I enjoy walking so much more than running. I haven't been on a walk (as in, a nice, LONG walk) in way too long.
    Nature and beautiful scenery are two things to be thankful for, right?!

  4. We have been walking A LOT more since we got the dog and I absolutely love it!! We usually go for a stroll in the trails by our house and stop to sit on the benches and admire views of the city. It's so great!

  5. YAY you figured out Instagram!! I loveeee the first photo! Beautiful : )

  6. Hubs and I used to go for walks, but we rarely do now that we run so much. I kind of miss it! Great post.