Saturday, November 12, 2011

Three Day Weekends

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love three day weekends. For me it just makes a huge difference to have that extra day as far as getting my mind off work and having enough time to get some things done but also just have fun :)

I missed a few days of posting what I'm thankful for, so to make up for it, I have quite a few things I am thankful for today.

I am thankful for Veterans.


I am thankful to have a busy life, full of great things.

Saturday was a pretty busy day, in a good way. In the morning, I headed to a town nearby to see one of my student's perform in a play. I've mentioned this particular girl many times, as this is her second year in my class. She did a great job remembering her lines and it was the perfect play for her because it was low key, but really cute.

After that I headed home and ate lunch with my mom and got our dining room hutch delivered. It's hard to get me excited about furniture, but I actually love the new hutch because now we can display some of the stuff we got for our wedding and it gives us more storage space which is always useful.

Then, Eric and I headed up to Nashoba Valley Winery with his family to do our second annual wine tailgate.




We keep meaning to do it when it's warmer out, but a busy fall made this the first available weekend for everyone. On a positive note, the holiday spiced cranberry apply wine was available already and that is my favorite so I was happy. I also had like 4 jackets on... so I was pretty warm.

I am thankful for Shutterfly and TripAdvisor. Yes, I am aware of random combination of the two. I've spent the morning catching up on my DVR (does anyone else watch the new show Unforgettable? I love it), making Christmas cards and starting to plan our trip to Seattle/Vancouver for next summer. I love how easy Shutterfly makes it to create Christmas cards, photo books, calendars etc. I love that TripAdvisor feeds my need to read about every possible option for trips before I start formally planning. I'm right now just trying to narrow down where exactly we will go, besides Seattle and Vancouver. I'm thinking maybe a trip to San Juan islands, or Victoria or something else, but I'm not sure what makes sense, how long I need at each place etc. If you have any experience traveling in the Pacific Northwest I would appreciate any advice :) In the meantime, I will continue to play on TripAdvisor.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! What did you do?


  1. So I guess since Nick and I will be married by next Christmas, we'll have to make Christmas cards. haha, or at least that's what they tell me. I don't think I will though. Maybe when we have kids! Yeah, then I will be thankful for Shutterfly :)
    Glad to hear you enjoyed your weekend. While I did work both days this week, I also managed to have a great weekend with friends.

  2. I love 3 day weekends. Mine was wonderful and relaxing. Just what I needed. I wish we got one once a month, but that so does not happen nor will it ever happen for me!

    I think if you did Victoria, you would only need maybe a day or 2 there... Depending on whether you rent a car, you could check out a couple of places on Vancouver Island... There is a cool place north of where Victoria is that I read about... I can look up the blog that referenced it if you would like. When you start planning and sketching things out, let me now, and Amber or I can definitely help since we have spent time in this area!

  3. Agreed, 3 day weekends are amazing. I love having one day to focus on chores and getting things accomplished, one day focused on my long run and one to DO NOTHING! haha

    That wine & tailgate looks awesome!!

  4. I am thankful that you're starting to plan your trip to the Pacific Northwest for the wedding! WHHEEEEEE!! I really think you guys should try to get Victoria in there if you can, I absolutely LOVE that city and after my recent trip there with the girls I decided to tag it on to the end of our honeymoon so we'll spend Tues - Fri on the coast and then go to Victoria Fri night - Mon! It's such a beautiful city!

    You don't really need a car in Victoria, but you're probably going to have to rent a car to go Seattle - Vancouver - Halfmoon Bay. You could always just leave it at the ferry terminal and pay for parking, that's cheaper than taking it over on the ferry.

    Email me when you start planning! I'm so excited!

    Oh, and that wine tailgating looks really fun!! That's the kind of tailgating I would like to do!