Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's the Little Things

Today I am thankful for post it notes :)

At least once every few weeks one of my students will "forget" his or her backpack. I always find it slightly impressive that they walk out of their house without their backpack and usually joke about it with them for awhile. But in all reality, I am a kindergartner. This morning, I successfully walked right out of the house without my purse. In my defense, I did have my giant school/tutoring bag and my lunch so it's not like I was empty handed. But still.

Enter the new post it on my door:


I also use post it's a lot for "To Do" lists. Since I have a life planner and also a school planner, I find it easier to move to do lists around when they are post its. I am definitely a "To Do" list person. On days when I go to work without a plan for what I'll get done before the kids arrive, I am SO much less productive. I need a "To Do" lists. I guess you could say I'm thankful for "To Do" lists.


Do you love post it notes as much as I do?


  1. YES! I heart post it notes. I collect them and don't ever go through my supply because I always feel the need to buy more even though I already have a ton. I love the larger kind with lines on them too!


  2. I *need* to do this more! I almost always forget my gym bag (no, it's not on purpose! lol) I pack it and it just sits by the door because I'm rushing and have 34324232 other bags. ;)

  3. Ohhh yes, I make a lot of to-do lists and often have post-it note reminders plastered all over my computer/desk area!

    I write a lot of my to-do lists in my life planner as well!

  4. Yes, I adore post it notes. I use them all the time. My EC planner is filled with them because sometimes I know a to do list is going to last multiple weeks so instead of using the "to do" column on the side, I use a post it note, so I can transfer it to the next week. Or i write down post ideas and keep putting the post it further back. I adore them. They have to be bright colored ones, though, like hot pink & purple!

  5. I love Google Tasks....I can keep my to do list on my phone and online (and don't have to worry about loosing paper - I have too much paper, lol)