Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thankful for Weekends

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. It's been a pretty relaxing weekend over here which was definitely due after the last few weekends of class and trips. I didn't have a chance to post what I was thankful for, but don't worry I've been thankful for something every day :)


On Friday I was very thankful for my first round of conferences being over. I had a great round of conferences. Parents were very accepting of suggestions that I made and very appreciative of the progress their children have made so far. If only every round of conferences could go that well, I may not mind them so much. Maybe. I celebrated conferences being over with a few friends after work and then by going to my favorite restaurant with Eric.


All homeowners can relate to my Saturday morning. I open up the cupboard under the sink to grab a bag and some bad smelling, sticky, brown stuff is all over the bag I was about to grab. I immediately yell for Eric to come check it out and after pulling everything out from under the sink we realize the disposal has been leaking and it's destroyed all the tile under the sink AND it's still leaking. Begin internal freak out: Oh my god, I have to call the plumber on the weekend AGAIN and it's going to cost a million dollars and what if we need a whole new disposal and what are we going to do with all the stuff under the sink and it's going to cost a million dollars and CRAP I hate calling people especially on the weekends. Even Eric had a (much smaller) internal freak out thinking that he really doesn't know much about plumbing and what if he turns something and it ALL comes flying out at us.

Luckily the two of us calmed down enough to call Eric's dad, who was at our house within the hour and the two of them set out on Operation: Fix Disposal. Several hours but only $17 later, everything is fixed and I did not have to call a single person NOR did I have to shell out god-only-knows how much money. Oh, and most importantly, I don't have any nasty brown liquids coming out below my sink.

And that, my friends, is when I decided that I am thankful I married into a family where household problems are just another challenge to be solved :)


Today I am thankful for the foods of fall. Sure, we've already had a big snow storm here, but technically we are still in fall and will be for awhile. Fall is my favorite season when it comes to food: squash, apples, pumpkin etc. This morning I cooked up a couple of delicious honeycrisp apples and enjoyed them on top of some pumpkin oatmeal. This combination gets old for me come springtime, but then I'm ready for it again when the cold fall air rolls back around.



What is your favorite season for food? Do you have someone in your family who is good at fixing things? (I hope so!)


  1. Oh I'm glad Eric and his dad were able to fix the sink problem! That's one of the crappy things for us living so far from family, Eric is pretty handy but just doesn't know how to do a lot of things yet. Whenever his dad or my dad or grandpa visit they do a bunch of little handy things around the house for us. SO nice!

    I also love fall foods and we've had no snow here...yet! *knock on wood*

  2. Yea for having help on the disposal issue. Oh the joys of being a homeowner, huh? I have had a couple of issues and I have had to call the rental manager who is the middle man between me & the owner. It's pretty nice to just be able to call someone. That said, I do own my condo still but luckily I haven't had any issues to fix since I moved out. (knock on wood - hope this continues).

    I love fall foods, too! I love chili and pot roasts and beef stew. Yum!!

  3. This morning we woke up to find YELLOW water coming out of all of the sinks and etc. It was disgusting. A phone call to the water folks and about two hours later after running the water a ton, it was back to normal. No boil order but we thought surely we had a pipe lose or something under the house. Thankfully that was not the case.

    And fall food? best thing ever!

  4. OH that's my worst nightmare! I hate it when kitchen spills happen, and when they are due to plumbing problems (the one thing Nick isn't good at fixing). Being a homeowner is great, but it's times like that I miss being in an apartment! Glad it worked out though.
    The honeycrisp apples on the oatmeal sounds amazing. I reallly miss apples this time of year. But I'm still loving my pumpkin, and my Christmas beer :)

  5. That is the ONE thing I love about living in an apartment - I never have to pay to fix anything!

    I haven't had much pumpkin this season but I have a few cans in my pantry that I need to crack into. I've been loving apples as well and squash - I had a acorn squash for dinner last night.