Thursday, November 3, 2011

Milky Ways and Mountains

No, I'm not thankful for Milky Ways and mountains, well I suppose I am, but that's another post :)

Today I am thankful for kids.

I know, it doesn't happen every day, that's for sure! I kinda love my class this year, and not because they are easy, because they are definitely not. Every year seems to come with it's own new set of challenges :) But I just like these kids. They have some great personalities and even when they are being crazy (which they have been all week- thanks a lot whoever decided Halloween would be on a Monday), they are still pretty cute.


I have this one kid who is a small kid with a huge personality. Today he was trying to explain to me where a girl in our class lived and he actually said, "yeah she lives just right up the mountain from me." HAHAHA... there are no mountains in the town I teach in. There is maybe a hill... but he doesn't live near it. I seriously can't even picture any remote hill in his neighborhood so it must be something really small and yet he refers to it as the mountain. Amazing.

Same kid, the other day I'm working with him in a small group on the most boring skill ever... breaking sentences into words. I'm trying to make myself not want to cry while teaching so I was making up sentences about Halloween. I asked him what his favorite candy was so I could say "D's favorite candy is _____" He tells me that his favorite candy is Milky Way. I said, I love Milky Ways too. End of conversation. Move on to teach seriously boring lesson. Today... what does he bring me but a Milky Way?! This means he not only remembered that passing comment but ALSO gave ME one of his favorite candy. Probably the most delicious Milky Way I ever had.

Now if only I could find a way for kids to have less germs, we'd be smooth sailing.

Are you a kid person? Tell me a cute kid story. Ready... go!


  1. Oh my gosh, that first story made me laugh out loud really loudly! And the 2nd story is just plan cute.

    This summer when we were at the cabin, I was talking about my condo and I asked my nephew James if he knew where I lived. He said, "Paris." I was like - what, you think I live in Paris?? I explained that it's really far away, like a 9 hour plane ride away and he said, "well my dad drove 9 hours once." And I said, no, no, no. This is really far. Like I had to cross an ocean. And he said - "Did you see any jelly fish?" hahahaha So then I had to explain that I had to FLY over the ocean, I did not swim across the atlantic to get to France.

    That was a hilarious conversation. And then at the end of the weekend, I was getting ready to go and James said, "So are you going to fly home?" So clearly he still is not convinced that I don't live in Paris... Luckily our family is doing Thanksgiving in Minneapolis so he will get to see where i live and will then hopefully understand that as much as I LOVE Paris, I don't actually live there (although many days I wish I did!)

    And this is officially the longest comment. Ever.

  2. Hahaha that is so cute that he brought you a milky way! Love it!

    I am not really a kid person but I do appreciate a good cute kid story and/or cute kid picture and my little cousin and nieces and nephews say some pretty hilarious things!

  3. He's a keeper! He'll make a girl very happy one day if he keeps treating women like that (I mean, brining them their favorite chocolate candy?!). I love Milky Way too. It was always my favorite as a kid.
    Also, on our first trip to go skiing when I was young, I had no idea how large the mountains were. ON our way there we kept passing "hills" and that's seriously what I imagined we would be skiing on! My concept of mountains was just as developed as your student's. Funny looking back at it, really.

  4. Aw this is cute : ) I haven't decided if I'm a kid person yet. I think I just haven't really been around enough to know.

  5. So cute! And little things like that must just melt your heart!