Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Win a Tour of Fenway Park!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday and hopefully the weather is FAR better than it is here (cold and rainy, with no end in sight!). But a few weeks ago when I was at Fenway Park, it was sunny, sunny, sunny!


I'm excited to work with Tickets-for-Charity to bring you an chance to win a VIP tour of Fenway Park and lunch provided by Tickets-for-Charity!

Tickets-for-Charity is an organization that offers fans access to great live seats and unique VIP experiences while benefiting charitable causes in the process. If you want to buy tickets and benefit a great cause at the same time, all you have to do is visit the Tickets-for-Charity website. Here you can buy tickets at face-value plus a pre-determined donation amount.

Some important information to know includes:

1. 100% of ticket face value is remitted to the artist/team.

2. 100% of donation amount is distributed to TFC partner charities, featuring the artist-or team-aligned charity.

3. Fans pay the same or better price they're currently paying ticket brokers and scalpers, but now 100% of the benefit above face value supports charity!

4. TFC charges a per-ticket service fee to help maintain the platform and manage all Charitable Sale aspects, from fulfillment and customer service to donation funds distribution and reporting.

TFC has partnered with artists such as U2, James Taylor, Tim McGraw and sports teams like the Red Sox and Celtics!

TFC supports charities like Boys and Girls Clubs of American, Habitat for Humanity International and Feeding America!

Do you want a win a private VIP tour of Fenway Park and lunch on TFC? Of course you do! The tour will be during the day on May 25th. If you'd like to enter, please click here and enter your e-mail and my blog name in order to be entered. That's ALL you have to do! :) Good luck everyone!

*You must enter by Thursday May 19th at 6:00PM.

PS. I would appreciate if you would spread the word to your Boston friends!


  1. awesome! i am entered :)

  2. If I win, you will have to find a very deserving Boston person to give this to! What a fun give away! I have never been to this baseball stadium - maybe some day. Like when I visit! Probably won't happen on my work trip this year as I imagine the season will be over by the time I get to Boston.

  3. Sounds neat. I entered. :-)

  4. Can't enter, but sounds AMAZING. I love baseball. Love love love it. And I don't even care who is playing.
    Tickets-for-charity sounds like a great organization.

  5. Awww cool giveaway! Maybe me winning would mean I HAVE to visit Boston?!!?! Hahaha, j/k you probably shouldn't include my entry :P