Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wine and Love, Take 2


I'm taking on Nora's Wine and Love again this week. I'll be telling you what is making me want to grab the bottle, and what I love this week :)


1. This week has been SO long. I feel like things that happened on Monday were months ago. I've felt the same way about several days this week. There were times when I got home and forgot to tell Eric something important because I felt like I had already told him (because whatever it was had happened in my mind at least a day earlier!). Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.

2. I got my hair cut and highlighted today, which I am happy about but WHY does it have to be so expensive?

3. We did placement this week for our kindergarten kids into Grade 1. Placement is the worst. I would explain why but there is no point in boring you. Trust me, it's the worst.

4. I was going to put American Idol in the love category because I love this season. But I am mad about the results tonight so I'm going to sulk instead.


1. We had our Teacher Appreciation Lunch yesterday which is one of the best parts of every year (other than the fact that it comes right before placement). Yesterday was my favorite one so far because one of my very talented mom's made a cake for the event...




See the above bookworm with curly brown hair and a pink scarf? That's me! Haha. I never thought the day would come where I would be on a cake. I'm telling you people, being a teacher is like being a celebrity. I promise not to take the Lindsay Lohan route.

2. I have lots of great things to look forward to right now. My sister is graduating college in a little over a week (I would look forward to this more if it did not involve her moving away but anyways!). My college roommate is coming to visit that same week. In early June I have my 5 year college reunion (seriously- how is that even POSSIBLE?) and I turn 27 in the same week. After that only a few more week until summer!

3. I got my observation over with.

4. Did I mention that cake tasted amazing too?

The week was kind of crap overall, but the cake really puts things in a more positive light.

What's your wine and love this week?


  1. Omg that cake is AH-MA-ZING!!!! I LOVE YOU on the cake too by the way, that is so funny!! Were you edible??

  2. i think i'd be too afraid to eat that cake. it's seriously a work of art.

    ummm i'd say that my fall is my wine this week. partly because the fall sucked (hello cracked ribs!!) and partly because i'm sure wine will literally take away that pain

  3. That cake is awesome! Such a cool cake - and great that it tasted good, too.

    My wine:
    - I used a vacation day to study for the CFA. And I am tired of explaining why I did this to people. Most understand, some are like - really? A day off ot study?

    Finally taking time to make a real meal for myself last night. I have been eating far too many microwaved baked potatoes

  4. That cake is AWESOME. WOW. Love It!!

  5. Sorry you had such a long week.
    But hey, that's the COOLEST cake I've EVER seen!!! Who needs the Cake Boss when you have that mom around!? Awesome.

    My wine: I have been feeling like I'm PMSing all week, even though...I'm definitely NOT!

    My Love: The sun is out, and it hasn't rain for THREE DAYS!! This is amazing.

  6. Sorry I'm so late commenting! i LOVE that cake. So much. Olivia is one of my favorites :)