Saturday, May 28, 2011

Where I've Been

It's been quite a whirlwind of a week with no spare time for blogging. Technically I probably should not be blogging now because I have a million end of the year reports to write, but after quickly busting out a few this morning I've lost my initial motivation and need a break from trying to phrase things nicely :)

Since I've done about a million things since I last wrote, I figure I'll just do a bullet post of some of the things you've missed...

-Last Saturday Eric and I went to a housewarming party for one of Eric's good friends who bought a house with his wife early this spring. They have done a ton of work to the house and it motivated me to put the finishing touches on our house this summer. We (and by we, I mean, almost entirely Eric and my mom) have done a lot to our house in two years. However, we still need some serious decorating in the hallway, "gym" room and guestroom. I'm thinking there will be at least one photo collage inspired by Amber. I just have to find some relatively cheap frames, any ideas?

-Last Sunday was the beginning of the celebrations for Caroline's college graduation. I really can't believe my younger sister graduated college this week! We went out for a family dinner at a place called Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse and Seafood. It's on the new waterfront area in South Boston. I can't believe how much this area has developed even since I was there last summer at Legal Test Kitchen. Back when I was little, we used to go to a restaurant called Jimmy's which was in this same location on Christmas Eve. The view was just as gorgeous as I remembered it, and Del Frisco's has done a fantastic job designing the restaurant so basically every table is a water view!



Del Frisco's was a seriously amazing restaurant. We sat down and about 10-15 minutes later, we noticed no waitress had come over. My dad just casually asked a guy walking by if he could find our waitress so we could order drinks. No sooner had he asked that we were suddenly surrounded by apologetic wait staff and managers who explained that our waitress that left because of a family emergency and they were SO sorry to keep us waiting. Even though I swear it couldn't have been more than 10 minutes or so, they insisted on buying us a full round of drinks AND giving us a bunch of free appetizers. Amazing! I'll wait 15 minutes any day for that! Plus the appetizers were awesome...



I wasn't quite as amazing as taking pictures of our entrees, but my salmon was delicious and everyone else really enjoyed their steaks and seafood. Del Frisco's is definitely the perfect kind of restaurant for a special occasion.

-Monday was Caroline's graduation day. The weather was the same as it had been for a few weeks, cold and rainy. Luckily, we scored a great seat inside for both ceremonies. That didn't stop me from wearing pants and a bright pink rain coat, but what can I say? it's been to be warm and comfortable than look amazing :)



And if you look really closely, you can see Caroline graduating...


I have to admit, graduations are not the most entertaining things ever- but luckily I had my brother's hilarious comments and funny e-mails from my classroom assistant who was teaching my kids for me ("K decided it would be fun to take a purple crayon and draw all over your rug. Needless to say, he WILL be writing you an apology note during choice time this afternoon." haha, oh 6 year olds!). In the end, I am quite proud of my sister for conquering the challenges of college. By this I don't really mean the academics, but the challenge of making new friends, creating a home away from home and taking risks to make things better when they were not going as she hoped they would.

-Immediately after graduation, I walked to the D line, hopped on the T and headed into Boston to meet my own college roommate who was visiting from Ohio this week. This began another whirlwind of days in which we ate at great restaurants (Picco and Trattoria Il Panino), cooked dinner, relaxed in front of the TV like we did in college and I continued to unfortunately, attend work haha. Somehow I did not take one single picture of us even when we went to Boston to meet up with Katie and Adam for one of the dinners. This is very unlike me so I must have been exhausted from all the excitement at this point.

-I am now at the Cape for the long weekend. I am exhausted and do not feel the best, so my agenda for the weekend includes as much relaxation as possible. I'm also running a 5K tomorrow. Plus I really need to write report cards and start some end of the year things. I have a love/hate relationship with May and June because I usually do a lot of fun things but it's also stressful because social obligations and work obligations seem to increase right at the same time.

What have you been up to the past week or so? What is on your agenda for this weekend?


  1. The last week was a busy one for me... I had a quick business trip to Des Moines, which flew by. Other than that, studying, a massage (yea), dinner at my brothers (another yea), and more studying this weekend (boo). And I also managed to catch a cold. Or it's allergies? Who knows. Either way, I am sick. And it's ar eally great time to be sick since I am taking the biggest test of my life in a week. Yea for my immune system letting me down at such a crucial time.

    ENjoy your weekend at the cape!

  2. Sounds like you've been busy!! I'm sure the end of the year for teachers is quite daunting and stressful, but you do have an entire summer to look forward to! Like you, I would love to do some work on our house this year, most importantly I want to paint our front door and workout room.

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend at the Cape!

  3. Wow you did have a busy week! That's great you had such awesome service at that restaurant. I love that kind of thing.

    You should be able to find cheap frames somewhere like Ikea I would think? Eric's mom gave me a big thing of frames for Christmas that had all different sizes in it so that's what I used!

    Tomorrow I'm running a 15K race here in Kamloops. It's my third year in a row running this race and I love it because there is a huge pancake breakfast afterwards!!

  4. Congrats to your sister!

    Good luck with your end of the year stuff - crazy to think it is almost summer already!

  5. Congrats to Caroline. I think graduations are pretty boring myself. If my parents didn't care, I wouldn't have gone to mine because I think they're so boring! Hahaha...

    And I will always be willing to wait for free drinks and food. Always.