Saturday, March 5, 2011

Random Thoughts on Saturday

This is going to be a random post, just warning you :) Can't be any more random than the ABC's of Kelly, right? And by ABC's I mean the version that actually includes all the letters of the alphabet, not my terrible you-can't-possibly-teach-kindergarten rebel alphabet.

First of all I am beyond happy this weekend has arrived. This week wiped me out completely and I had trouble doing anything other than lying on the couch at the end of every day. I did not work out even once since I went to yoga last Sunday. However, I think that was probably a good thing because my back has still been bothering me from my ridiculous ice sliding/falling incident. It feels 100 % as long as I don't work out at all, but as soon as walking/running/ellipticalling is involved it's back to hurting. I'm seriously considering getting my first ever massage (seriously, I'm a little scared of them and hate to spend money on that kind of thing) to see if that will help matters. Either that or I'm considering a life of zen yoga and a total abandonment of any attempt to run... it seems to lead to frustration for me way more than happiness.

Thursday night I finished the last book I downloaded on Eric's mom's Kindle. Both Lisa and Your Next Read recommended One Day to me and it definitely lived up to my expectations. Your Next Read recommended it when I told them I liked American Wife. I have to admit I was a bit concerned when I noticed the resemblance between the two would be an overly-cocky, privileged male character but he grew on me in the end. Plus it was fun to get to follow characters through many years of their lives.

So, last night I started reading our Blogger Book Club selection for March, In the Woods. Since it was expensive on the Kindle, and I need to give the Kindle back, I took it out of the library. However, I think it was the wrong choice for my return into "real books." I've mentioned before that I love a good real book and I love the library. However, my hardcover version of In the Woods is a bit dodgy to say the least. Not only did I feel an overwhelming need to disinfect the plastic cover, but the binding is falling apart which makes it a serious challenge to hold the book without a table present. Yes, I miss the Kindle already. Luckily the next book I plan to read is a nice, paperback, NEW version of Water for Elephants that I won from Emily. That should restore my love for books and not make me want to run to rush order a Kindle asap. Let's hope anyway.

Everyone knows I have a travel obsession right? As part of my travel obsession I really just love Jet Blue Airlines. Here is a brief list of why I think they are the best airline I have personally ever been on (note: I have not taken Virgin America or the other airlines that offer free internet, that could easily sway me I'll be honest):

1. Extra legroom. Jet Blue already offers you more room than most airlines and you can pay just a bit extra for even MORE legroom in Jet Blue. When your husband is 6'4", this is well worth the extra money.

2. TVs in front of you. I can't read on planes or I feel sick, so for me having a TV is the difference between complete and utter boredom and actually being somewhat entertained by House Hunters and Law and Order :)

3. They actually have GOOD food on Jet Blue! They give you a choice of a bunch of different free snacks- the blue chips and animal crackers are my favorite. They also have $6 snack packs that are not a bad deal either. They include things like pretzels and mustard, pita chips and hummus, chips and salsa, etc.

Since I love Jet Blue so much I've been considering getting a Jet Blue True Rewards Credit Card. Right now they have a deal going on where you get a bunch of points just for opening an account, then by the time you charge just $500 you have enough points for 2 round trip flights. I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to deals like this so I did some research and it seems like the only really "downfall" to this credit card is that it doesn't have great interest rates (which doesn't bother me because I always pay off my card in full every month) and it has a $40 a year fee. The $40 fee bothers me a bit, but compared to 2 roundtrip flights, it's not bad. I do have the sense that in a few years I may cancel the credit card if I wasn't really flying a lot and therefore not getting great deals from it. Eric has me paranoid about canceling a credit card because he says it's bad for your credit, but my credit is really good right now and I already own a house so I mean, would it really be that bad? Anyone have any thoughts or possibly have this credit card or another airline rewards credit card? Anyone know how much it *really* hurts your credit to cancel one card?

I hope you are all having relaxing and fun weekends :) If you didn't tell me yet, what are you up to?


  1. I don't really know much about that kind of stuff, but I have heard that it hurts your credit to cancel a card. I canceled a card once though (a Future Shop one) and I still got approved for a mortgage + car payments so it couldn't have hurt my credit THAT much I guess!

    Can't wait to hear what you think of Water for Elephants. I LOVED IT!

  2. I haven't worked out in 3 weeks, so don't feel bad! I am looking forward to finally feeling better and having energy to exercise again. I am on a plane right now, Virgin America to San Francisco. I say go for the rewards card; if you are spending on a card you may as well get the benefits you want most!

  3. By the time last night rolled around I was completely useless as well. Friday is always a welcome time in my days. This weekend I'm working on resumes, watching movies on Netflix (and maybe Gone With the Wind), and generally hibernating. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  4. I hope your back is feeling better! Enjoy the weekend.

  5. I am glad you liked the book, One Day. While i didn't LOVE Dexter's character, I kept wanting to read to see if he would ever redeem himself. The book definitely sucked me in more than any book I have read recently! I am glad I was on vacation when i read it so I could sit in a cafe all day and read it while sipping cafe creme. :)

    I hope your back is better soon! That sucks! It seems like this week wore alot of people out. most people I know, actually. Nothing bad happened to me this week, but it wore me out, too!

    As far as the credit card thing goes, cancelling one credit card won't really hurt your credit. It's more so a problem when you close multiple accounts because then your debt outstanding compared to credit availability ratio worsens and that's when you are really going to see an impact to your credit. But if you already have great credit and you just close one card, it shoudl have little to no impact!

  6. I am not impressed with my library copy of In The Woods either. Someone who had it before me was a smoker and I can still smell it on the pages. ewwwww. Just closing one card when your overall credit is good should not be a problem! We only really use one credit card which is a marathon card because we put all our gas on it and pay it off at the end of the month. every so many gallons we get a 25 dollar gift card. we get them frequently because of my husband's commute so it is a nice perk! i however, would like a vacation perk. though that would make me spend more money for 'perks' i can see. ;) i do think we can use points from our bank towards vacation deals but we usually use it for home depot cards to work on our house! why are we so responsible??

  7. So, the weekend is already half over. Sad face. Tonight, I'm spending it curled up on my couch, catching up on my DVR. Tomorrow will be spent at the gym, at church, working on some homework, and mostly enjoying my weekly Sunday Afternoon Nap. :)

  8. Do you have a smart phone? The iPhone and the droid (probably the blackberry too) have kindle apps so you can read them right on your phone... I live on the iPhone kindle